Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sew'n Wild blog address...and GIVEAWAY

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to my new blog address. Sew'n Wild Oaks is the name of my little pattern company and our home business. Joe came up with the name (clever person that he is!) I'm the SEW'N part.....WILD comes from our last name of Wilder....and OAKS is from Joe's woodworking business of handcrafted items made out of oak wine barrels.

To kick off the new address, I'm having a pattern giveaway. Just make a comment on this new site from today September 30th to October 8th at 12 noon. The winner will be selected and posted on Saturday, October 9th. The winner will get to choose one of my three patterns.



HEARTFIRE - 60" x 70"

So tell me in your comment just how many projects you are currently working on. Are you the kind of quilter that works on only one project at a time or do you have multiple projects in the works? You can also email me at and your name will be entered in the contest.

The old Blossom of Friendship site will be "up" for a little while longer, but only my new posts will be available HERE. So bookmark this site and become a follower. I lost all of my followers in the transition over to the new site.....sorry, I can't figure out how to import the names and pictures.

Good luck to everyone.

As always,



  1. What a clever name! I like it! But, does that mean we will no longer be able to go to the old BLOG?
    I really enjoyed the pictures you posted of the quilt show, I would have loved to have been there. I'm looking forward to PIQF.
    Quiltingly Yours, Crissie

  2. Wow Lynn, nice new blog, how fun! Please sign me up for your giveaway and pop over to my blog for a giveaway I am having, Elaine

  3. Looking forward to keeping up with you here!

  4. Hi Lynn! Congratulations on all the new changes.
    Looks like I'm the 1st in the confessional...
    Oh, I have at least 1 quilt waiting for binding
    I have a few that are spray basted, waiting for quilting
    I have plastic containers of flimsies I will quilt "someday"
    I have at least 2 projects that need the flimsy finished, be it borders, squares to put together, squares to complete... If I counted them all, it would take at least 1 day!
    I have a drawer with "next up" projects..
    and patterns in bags with fabrics, waiting to be picked too
    Aw oh,.... I'm a baaaad girl...
    I used to be a wow, I'm doing this now cause I want to, now I'm making an honest effort to finish 1 thing at a time, keep to finish 2 UFOs, then start 1 new one,
    Well, just trying to finish 1 project at a time, keep things on track, honest...
    my f
    Take care, Leslie

  5. I love the name of your blog.
    I am a fairly new quilter and hvae 2 small quitls and 1 queen size done.
    I am looking forward to continuing catching up you on your new blog.
    Love the patterns also.

  6. Lynn, please don't make me tell you about all the projects I have started, some are BOM's, some are block exchanges, and some are classes that have come and gone, but I will eventually get back to, and then there is the Quilt Along I'm organizing for my group, or then there is work projects.... you get the idea, I'm sure. By the way beautiful quilts, thanks for sharing.

  7. I love the new name! I can't even begin to tell you how many projects I have in the works! I most definitely work on more than one project at a time - sometimes multiple projects in the same sewing session! At one point I counted over 100 UFOs! I am easily distracted...


  8. Too bad you can't import your Blossoms of Friendship blog to this site. I am going to have to make copies of your previously posted recipes! You will have to post some new ones. Anyway,I have way too many projects in the works. I'm slowly trying to work down my UFO's.

  9. Welcome to your new home!

    I used to be a one-project-at-a-time person, but I've changed since getting my LA. Now I will make 3 or 4 tops, the get the LA set up and quilt them all,as due to space (Or rather, lack of space) I can't keep all my machines up at the same time.

  10. I love reading your blog, Lynn--so of course, I'm following you to your new location! I have it in 'my favorites'! I generally have a hand applique, hand embroidery, and a machine pieced piece going at the same time. I love your patterns!

  11. Lynn,

    Great name for the blog! I am working on sew many quilts right now at least 10! Over the top I would say.

    I love the Party in the Garden! Beautiful.
    Keep making the pretty patterns.

    Happy Fall.


  12. My favorite pattern is The House on Edgewood Lane, followed by Heartfire. I usually have more than one project in the works - at least 2 with one in handsewing mode and the other in machine mode. Right now, I have 5 projects in various stages. Need to finish one before start anything new! Thanks for this giveaway. mlwright29 (at) hotmail (dot) com

  13. Great name! I pretty much only have one or two projects going at a time. I can't wait to finish my current project so I can start Party in the Garden. I have the pattern, and it's been calling to me to start. Can't wait to see your next creation.

  14. I have a wool crazy block going and a BOM going from Primitive Gatherings. Also, I am punching a few fall projects. Just found your new blog. I love all your quilts and would love to be entered in your drawing.

  15. Hi Lynn,

    Your new blog looks great! I loved seeing The House of Edgewood Lane with the light background - so pretty. So, if I should win the giveaway - that's the pattern I would choose.

    It's really embarrassing to admit how many projects I have "in progress" - lets just say it's more than ten...I can't tell the truth because I have friends who read your blog, too and they might have me hauled off to the funny farm! That might be okay except I've heard they don't have scissors,rotary cutter, fabric/sewing machines there - you know - crazy people with sharp objects isn't a good thing! But one thing is for sure, I LOVE FABRIC and QUILTING and reading good blogs, like yours! Thanks for all your great posts! I've enjoyed them all! julie

  16. Hi Lynn, so happy to see you have successfully moved your blog. I have numerous projects and have great expectations of finishing them(LOL)
    Hope to see you soon

  17. Hi Lynn,
    Love the look of your new blog! I'm one of those that likes to work on one project at a time, HOWEVER, since I decided I needed to gift a quilt to all the females in my family (DS's and DSIL's) I have about four quilts that I'm working on. One that is a "gift" quilt and a couple that are for me :).......Now, once my new longarm find the time to quilt them inbetween customer quilts!

    Take Care......Lani

  18. PS...I absolutely LOVE your Madrigal quilt!!! You have such a knack for the applique designs and putting colors in quilts together!! Will this one be a kit?

  19. Your quilts are so beautiful! I have quite a few projects going at the same time...must be a short attention span. But I enjoy the process and they do get finished so that's what matters.

  20. I work on multiple projects at a time; I get bored or find something else I want to work on, so I switch. This might be why I seldom finish anything!

  21. Great name for your blog. I would love a chance to win one of your patterns. Thanks for the opportunity. I work on several projects at once. Right now I am binding 2 Christmas quilts, have 2 more Christmas quilts ready to go to the quilter, almost finished with a quilt for a coworker made from her old scrubs, have several more ready to make backs so they can go to the quilter...and...I'm making a snowball quilt by using the blocks as leaders and enders on other quilts. I'm crossing my fingers to win!

  22. Congrats for your new blog, I just found you, and I'd love to be entered in the drawing..., I'm a multitasking and I love to work with multiple things at the same time, it includes quilting, crochet and cross stitch, when I get "bored" with one of them, I pick another unfinished project and work until I get bored again!