Saturday, October 9, 2010

......and the winner is...................

Hello Everyone,

Today I'm announcing the winner of one of my patterns.  It took Joe, Zinny and me a fair bit of time to set up this photo shoot.  First, I wrote down all the names that I received from the comments and emails and assigned everyone a number......and wrote that number on the back of Zinny's doggy treats.  (While I was doing this, she was pacing back and forth waiting not too patiently for her treat.) 
Then we took her out to the backyard by the "Dogwood" (wasn't that clever) and placed all of the treats on a rock.  Joe was just off-camera ready to stop Zinny from eating every treat.  As much as I tremendously enjoyed all of your comments, I can't afford to send all of you a free pattern.
Zinny was intently trying to decide just which number to select.
There she goes.....making her selection.
The winner is #24.....Sue from Central Alberta Canada.   YEAH, applause, applause.

After reading Sue's email I think I have an idea which pattern she is going to choose.  I'll let all of you know after I hear from her.

Have a wonderful Saturday everyone.  Joe and I are headed to Murphys for the Harvest Festival.  When I get back, I have to start working on the Christmas Quilt-A-Long.  Click on the Christmas button on the left side of the blog and check it out.  People all over the world are spending the day creating Christmas presents and memories.

As always,



  1. Congratulations to another Sue.

  2. What a cool way to do a random number. Hopefully your Christmas Quilt-a-long stuff went well today.

  3. Oh my goodness, if that wasn't the cleverest way to pick a winner! Congratulations to Sue. Thanks for the opportunity.