Saturday, October 16, 2010

Enjoy the Quilt Show

Hello Everyone,

Here are some pictures from Pacific International Quilt Festival. I took over 100 pictures of quilts and the quilting of the quilts.  I left the show after hours and hours of walking, admiring and yes, I bought a few things from the vendors.   The caliber of the quilts and quilting is on such a high level, it made me feel very inspired yet inadequate as a quilter.

There are quilts from around the world.  Since my passion is applique, I took a lot of pictures of appliqued you will see.  Today I've posted just a sampling of my pictures.  There were so many people at the show, it made it hard to get a good picture.  My friend Kathy and I spent the most time in front of this quilt.  The level of detail, the colors, the shadows, the draping of the cloth was just.....I don't have enough adjectives to describe it.

Look at this detail.  Can you make only one of these in a lifetime?

One of our customers made this Little Brown Bird quilt.  Vilma, you and your quilt are amazing!

They are the tiniest stems I've ever seen.
The colors, and the detail just cannot be captured in a picture.
I have albums of quilt pictures that I've put together for inspiration and quilting the quilt ideas.  I'll post more pictures tomorrow of the In Between Stitches booth and more award winning, truly incredible quilts.

The highlight of the show for me was meeting Crissie for the first time.  Crissie has followed my blog since the very beginning.  She makes frequent comments and we email each other back and forth.  I've added Crissie's blog address under my blogs that inspires section.  I admire Crissie's machine quilting!   Her work is beautiful and she quilts on a small machine!  You really do make nice friends by blogging!

Joe and I are off to watch our twin granddaughters play soccer.  It is going to be a glorious day to be outside and soaking up the beautiful Autumn air. I may even do a little quilting today.....which I've not touched for most of the week!

As always,



  1. Lynn, I'm so envious. Wish I could have been at PIQF, perhaps some other year. Thanks for sharing though.Beautiful quilts, can't wait to see what other things you found.

  2. Stunning quilts. Thank you so much for showing the photos

    Love and hugs Gina xxx