Saturday, October 9, 2010

Christmas Quilt-A-Long

Hello again,

Wow, two posts in one day! I've never done that before. This is all in the spirit of the Christmas Quilt-A-Long.

I decided to go shopping in my stash and make Christmas placemats. I'm sure that most of us have enough money tied up in a stash that equals the gross domestic product of let's use it! Go shopping in your own closets, cupboards, pie safes and drawers. It is so much fun to say, "I forgot all about that!"  I have yards, and yards of this "vintage-looking" Thimbleberries fabric that I've always loved.  It was just sitting on the shelf begging to be used.

More Thimbleberries fabric tossed in with some Bonnie Blue fabric and I have the making of some nice looking placements. 
If you don't already have a flying geese ruler, it is time to buy one now!  Buy all sizes and you'll be so pleased.  You can make four absolutely "spot on" geese at once.  I have geese flying all over my dining room table right now.
I love the look of these old cards.  So pretty.....and fits my Christmas decorating style.  Of course I may not be keeping these placemats for me.  Too many family members read my blog, so everyone is just going to have to be surprised!
Placemat #1 in blue and red.
More half-made flying geese.
Placemat #2 in red and black.

Possibly another post after a bit.  We bought some fresh peaches at the Harvest Festival that need to be made into a juicy peach pie.

Sue, the winner of the pattern contest, selected the Party in the Garden pattern.  She was so elated when she emailed me that she forgot to give me her address!  Send me another email Sue so I can send your pattern to you in Canada!

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  1. Creative and fun placemats! I have a flying geese ruler and haven't figured out how to use it yet. Still do them the "old" way. One day, I'll do the math and learn how! The colors you've put together are very inviting.

  2. Your mats look great. I haven't seen the rulers you refer to, but perhaps I'll have to go looking. Like I really "need" another gadget! Thanks for joining in the Quiltalong.

  3. The place mats look great. I like the fabrics you used :)

  4. Those turned out just beautifully. I love shopping from my stash and discovering I can make gorgeous things from stuff I already have!

  5. Great placemats

    Love and hugs Gina xxx