Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Almost Finished

Hello Everyone,

I love to post pictures of alternative colorways from some of my patterns.  Pat is almost finished with her version of Summer's Blush. She has her adorable little flange all attached and was ready to start appliqueing the flowers in place.

Pat just retired from a career in teaching.  When I assigned homework, she took me very seriously and had most of her quilt finished by the second class meeting!  All of her little hexagon flowers are finished too!  Pat's quilt is going to be a beautiful splash of summer to her home.

Remember "stinkin cute" Lisa?  Her version of The House on Edgewood Lane is finished and ready for the quilter.  Lisa has a definite sense of her own style and it comes out in every quilt she makes.  Both Lisa and Pat are what I call finishers.  They finish one quilt before they start another one.  I wish I could be that disciplined! 

Madeleine is almost finished with her Midnight Star quilt from the Comfort and Joy book by Mary Hickey.  She picked out a beautiful border from the French General fabric line and will love having this quilt on display year-round!

Some beautiful creations by some very talented quilters.  You make my job as a quilt instructor very easy!

Spend some time on your own creativity today even if it's only for a few minutes.  If you quilt everyday for just a few minutes, all the minutes will add up to a beautiful, finished project.  Let's all be finishers!

As always,


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