Thursday, July 14, 2011

Flying Geese Four at a Time

Hello Everyone,

I told the girls the other day in class that I would post a tutorial for flying geese using the 1.5" x 3" Bloc Loc ruler. If you are going to invest in any new quilting toys, a set of Bloc Loc flying geese rulers should be on your "gotta have it" list.

The following directions make (4) 2" x 3.5" unfinished flying geese using the 1.5" x 3" Bloc Loc flying geese ruler.

Start by cutting (1) 4-3/8" x 4-3/8" light square and (4) 2-5/8" x 2-5/8" dark squares.

Using a quarter inch ruler, draw 2 lines on the back of each of the squares and place two squares on top of the light square with right sides together.  The blocks will overlap in the middle.

Stitch precisely on each line.

Cut between your stitching lines.
Press toward the smaller squares and you will get this.

Take your remaining two squares and place on top of the unit, draw two lines, and stitch on each line.

Cut between the two lines and you get this.

Again, press toward the smaller square and you will have four flying geese ready for trimming with the Bloc Loc ruler.

The ruler locks into the seam and there is absolutely no slipping.  Using a rotary cutter, trim around all four sides of the geese.

Before you can say, "Bob's your Uncle."  You have four perfect geese!

Now remember, if you are working with directional fabric, lay the geese out correctly so you won't have some flying one way and some flying another.  Or if you don't care which way the wind blows, then it just doesn't matter!

My quilting is more accurate now than it ever was once I started using these rulers.  Put them on your Christmas wish'll be glad you did!

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  1. This ruler looks fantastic as well as the Eleanor Burns ruler. Do you use either one for the Minglewood quilt you are making? Which sizes do you use? Thank you

  2. Nice tutorial. I have the rulers, but have not used them yet. Time to get back to some sewing.
    Have a great weekend

  3. Holy Crap! That was like magic! This should be glued to our hands. This tool may be more useful than a thumb.
    Now I gotta go find this tool, Thanks Lynn!

  4. Wow - I've seen (and own) several other geese rulers but this one looks like a breeze! Great tutorial, Lynn!

  5. Upon your advise a few weeks ago about this ruler I did purchase THE 6 x 6"! WOW! I've shared it with my friends and we are loving it... of course as soon as they are on the shelfs they disappear we are waiting for a restocking, of course for the Flying Geese???. GREAT TOOL!

  6. Can you please tell me why I can't see the pictures that go with the flying geese tutorial? Is there a way to send it to me please? I would really appreciate it! Or is there another way to view it? THANKS FOR YOUR TIME TO HELP ME OUT!!

    1. I was surprised that I couldn't see them either. Go to the top of my blog and look at the Virtual Classroom tab. Scroll down to the Flying Geese section and this should work for you. Please let me know. Take care, Lynn