Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Back to Quilting

Hello Everyone,

I feel that I've been gone from Blogland for quite awhile now....but I'm back to the computer and my quilting for the rest of the week.  I finished stitching the little watering can for Party in the Garden.

Here, you can see that I added a little embroidered stem stitch around the center of the flowers.  They needed a little 'something' to make them appear to be finished and stand out a little bit.

I started on the flower box yesterday.  What was I thinking when I drew all of these little pieces?  I used the starch method to prepare each of the flowers.  I use glue very sparingly and just tack the flowers together so I can move them around and place them on the background.

I'm auditioning shutter, window, and flower box fabric here.  I still have quite a few more flowers to make before this blocks is ready to be stitched.  The flower box is the most labor intensive block on the whole quilt, so once this one is done, there are just two more blocks and the applique is finished!

This block of the month will be starting soon at ThimbleCreek, click HERE for details.

Enjoy the rest of the week.

As always,



  1. The little watering can applique is so adorable! I visiting Bearly Quilting in Sonora yesterday Lynn, and they had your pattern House on Edgewood Lane kitted up and for sale!

  2. I can't wait, can't wait! I know this will be one of my favorite project and hopefully will turn out as well as the original. I just love all the added details.

  3. What a clever idea for using the embroidered stitch around the flower center! Little touches like that make a quilt so unique! It's going to be a stunner, Lynn!

  4. There's a lot of work in that. It almost (only "almost" mind) makes me want to take up applique it's so cute.