Monday, December 19, 2011

Catch Up Time

Hello Everyone,

I'm almost a week behind in posting pictures from my drop-in class from last Tuesday!  Oh well, better late than never.

Let me begin with the Party in the Garden house that Isabelle finished.  She did a wonderful job changing the pattern by making yo-yo flowers growing on the vine.

She finished all of her blocks, and is now working on the corner baskets in the border.  This was Isabelle's first applique project.  Very ambitious for a beginner and she did a beautiful job.

Barbara's Midnight Star is almost finished.  Just a couple more blocks and the border, and she is going to have her Christmas quilt finished.  I love the secondary design that started emerging with each additional block she added to the design wall.

This is a picture of some cute stockings I made from a Moda pattern a few years ago.  I made 16 of these, one for every member of the family.  They started out as napkin holders for the Christmas dinner, now they are on the Christmas tree.

Kaye is working on Sallie's Quilt.  She has about 80 of the blocks made already.  Her daughter likes them so much that Kaye is making two quilts!

Madonna is working are Country Charmer.  Her blocks are coming along nicely.

She has her system down pat and is zipping right through her blocks using the block layout sheet.

Cindy assembled three "Spidey" pillowcases for her grandkids.

Last but certainly not least is a picture of Zinnie on her pain killer medication after surgery on her foot last week.  Running carefree through the woods at the cabin, she ripped her dew claw and she had to have it removed.  I loved her little "camo" bandage.....but she didn't like it too much.  All of the little grandkids wanted to sign it, but she would have none of that! 

I'm off to the shop this morning for my Monday workday.  I hope you all have a great day getting ready for this weekend.

As always,



  1. Poor Zinny.....loved your stockings......

  2. Oh Miss Zinnie - I hope you feel better soon! I can't imagine how much that must have hurt!
    The gals sure have been busy! I wish my first appliques looked as good as Isabelle's! Love the little stockings, Lynn! Have a grea day at the shop!

  3. Poor Miss Zinny hopes she feels better soon.

    What adorable stockings ! I just love watching everyones progress on their quilts. What fun !

  4. Oh Lynn, thank you so much indeed!!!
    I was so surprised to see my modest blocks on your blog!.. I have to tell you that by listening to your teaching, following your instructions and reading your blog I have learnt SO MUCH!!!
    How to measure carefully, how to match colors, the courage to create, patience, how to work toward the vision of a project in mind, how to plan projects for the next weeks and for the day, how to transform difficulties into creation, how to continue quilting despite hardship, how to turn joyful little events into a feast...
    When I started Party in the Garden, I had no idea that I would travel so far through each blog... Confucius said it: " a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step " WIth you teaching me every single step I've travelled the quilting world over and so much farther... THANK YOU !

  5. There is some beautiful work being done there. It must be such fun for you, seeing all the different variations coming to life.