Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Christmas Card

Hello Everyone,

Yesterday I received this photo from Penny in Oregon.  She made my Country Charmer pattern and displayed it beautifully and lovingly in her home.  To me, this looks like a Christmas card, so inviting that I want to relax in the red chair with a good book.

Here's what Penny said in her email:

"My husband and I have a cattle ranch here in Oregon, and my decorating taste runs VERY rustic country!  I just thought you'd like to see how Country Charmer fits right in here!"
I fit right in with her rustic country also and have already asked if I can be adopted!

Pictures like this make my design process extremely have no idea just how rewarding.  Thank you Penny. 

Busy day here finishing up shopping and working on Christmas cards.  Notice I didn't mention anything about quilting.  Maybe tomorrow I will get back to quilting.

As always,



  1. Hi Penny this is Karen from Oregon...i too want to snuggle in your red chair and be adopted!! Lynn's quilt looks absolutely beautiful hanging in your beautiful home! I have admired this pattern a lot...but now, must have it! Merry Christmas to you and Lynn!

  2. I had to get an up close look at that picture, what a great cozy room. What I especially loved was the foot stool that looks like a wood crate of which I have lots of...those wheels are turning. I guess we all inspire in one way or another!

  3. Thank you all! Yes, Ferne, I needed a foot stool for my red chair and couldn't find one in the stores. I decided that I would just have to get creative. I had this cool "Black and White" brand whiskey crate, I put some bunn feet on it, made a cushion for it...and I call it a foot stool. It works for me!

  4. That looks just beautiful. Country Charmer fits right in there.

  5. Hello Lynne and Penny,

    Oh that is a beautiful picture. It reminds me of those stunning photo's of homes in magazines.

    happy days.