Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Mitten Time

Hello Everyone,

My twin granddaughters were over the other day, and we worked on mittens.  The first thing they do after they give us and Zinnie a hug, is run upstairs to the sewing room to see what they can make.  We can stay up in the sewing room all day together and only come out for food! 

We selected fabrics strips and sewed them together.  (Many of these are in the giveaway bundle!)

While I was sewing, they were tracing and cutting out the backings and made gift tags.

The girls love fabric, and they love plaids.  They are great little organizers and I think there is a job in their future, organizing Grammy's sewing room.  It makes me so happy to watch them select fabrics, organize it by color, then organize it again!  They think I have the best playroom ever!

We got quilt a few mittens partly assembled before Daddy arrived to take them home.  They didn't want to leave!  They were having so much fun up in Grammy's playroom. 

Mark your calendars for July 14th.  I'm going to be the hostess for the Christmas Quilt Along and I'm going to give the mitten pattern away to anyone who wants it.  Don't ask me for it yet, because the directions aren't finished....the story of my life.  If I'm not quilting, I'm writing directions!

So many of you ask me how I get so much done.....well here's my strategy.  I plan my days and set goals.  I don't always meet the exact goal, but I get pretty close.  I plan my days, sometimes weeks or months in advance.  If something unexpected comes up during the week, then I shuffle my plan around.  I have a very big DATE coming up in September that I will share more about later, and that has been my goal date for weeks.  It is a big DATE and very exciting for me!  I'm going to keep you guessing............

So get those pencils out (I never plan in ink since I know it is going to get changed) and plan out the rest of your week.  What would you like to achieve by Saturday?  Break the big jobs down into smaller, more manageable pieces and the big job won't seem so daunting.  Most importantly, stick with it!

As always,



  1. There is nothing like two adorable granddaughters to keep you energy level high, Lynn! I'm just tickled that they love to spend time with you and sew!

  2. That is so lovely! :)
    Hugs, Ulla (from Finland)

    1. Thank you Ulla! I can't reply to you directly as I don't have your email address.

  3. How adorable that the girls help - my great niece looked at my sewing room and walked out. Her mom asked what it was like and she said "just thread".
    So your big date...assuming you're not having a baby...(sorry), so, looking forward to finding out.
    I plan my Christmas stuff over the year. I break each project into small steps and schedule them, leaving time to catch up because life gets in the way! It's helped me to be able to get things in the mail by Thanksgiving and not be sewing frantically Christmas Eve.

    1. Dear Suz,
      This made me laugh! Having a baby....no not even close! You are a no-reply blogger, so I can't answer you directly.

  4. That's just not FAIR!!! (Insert sound of foot stamping here) How can you tease us like this about a big date? I'm going to sulk now, and shan't talk to you for ages and ages. So there.

  5. Yeah well, 30 seconds of not talking is ages and ages, isn't it. I think you are so lucky having grandies that are interested in your fabric fun. I have 3 DGS's, 1 football mad and the other 2 computer geeks.