Thursday, September 6, 2012

Toyland Tree is Quilted

Hello Everyone,
Toyland Tree is finally quilted and off the machine.  I discovered that it is next to impossible to get a good picture of the quilting on black.

Today I'll buy some cute buttons and sew all of the yo-yo's on to the quilt where the swags meet.  I also have to double-check the crosshatching to make sure I completed every single pass.  I found two lines that I need to stitch.

Remember the binding I wrapped around the cardboard cylinder?  It is so easy to put the cylinder right by your sewing machine while attaching the binding.  Just unroll it as you tangles or folds.

I stitched the binding on until my arm felt like it was ready to fall off.  I have just one side left then it's on to the hanging sleeve.  This quilt is going to be a "wrap" for the Georgetown quilt show.....pattern, label and all!

I was going to try to get Nostalgic Christmas quilted and bound.....but I don't think this one is going to be done in time.  I'm afraid I might get it on the machine, get halfway finished, then I can't take the flimsy to the show.  Decision time.  I'm losing two days next week to work and class.  Maybe I should just take the quilt to class and have the girls bind it for me!  It's a thought.....a good old fashioned quilting bee.

Busy day working with the printer downtown, and the printer in my work area. I'll also finish up all the little details on Toyland.  The twins have been stuffing patterns for me after they finish their homework every night.  They have such enthusiasm to help Grammy with her chores.   This is their last night with us, so I'll be losing my little helpers tomorrow.  I guess I'll have to press Mr. Joe into quilting servitude!




  1. Lynn, it is "drop dead gorgeous ", as always your quilting has enhanced your design. You dumb found me with your talent, and speed, simply amazing.

  2. Your pictures show the quilting on the black very well. It is a beautiful finishing touch.

  3. I love how you quilted it around the toys to make it look like a tree....beautiful

  4. I can see the quilting on the Black WOW! How clever of you to quilt it to look like a Christmas tree with the background ! Just GORGEOUS!! You did it YEAHHHHH!

  5. Wow! It's beautiful and so clever to define the tree with quilting. Wow again! You are SO creative! WTG! AWESOME!

    Cheery wave from Bev

  6. The quilting looks wonderful...the borders worked just like I knew they would and the quilting for the "tree" is genious! I LOVE it!
    I will be disappointed if Nostalgic Christmas isn't at Georgetown, quilted or not...I love the piecing around the panels and am excited to see it in person!

  7. Oh, my goodness!! it looks fabulous so far.

  8. Lynn,
    Just love it, love it, love it!! This is so clever, cute, beautiful, detailed . . . the cross-hatching is stunning, and the swirlies are absolutely precious. You are incredible -- and just so very talented!! Missing you from Colorado, Lisa ;o)

  9. Oh, I see that Darlene has just taken the words right out of my mouth - or should that be right off my keyboard. It is really wonderful.

  10. Your quilting is exquisite! And I am a very happy camper...I just received the pattern for your Nostalgic Pillows that I ordered recently...really looking forward to starting this project! Thanks for the inspiration!

  11. Breathtaking! I love that the quilting forms the tree! Your quilting is brilliant!

    1. Thank you Suz! You are a 'no-reply' blogger, so I can't thank you directly via email. I hope you get my message of thanks. --Lynn

  12. Your quilting just makes your design stand out. Your really know what you're doing, Lynn. Gorgeous.

  13. Your Toy Land Quilt is outstanding!