Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Quilting in the Garden - Part 2

Hello Everyone,

Here are the last pictures from Quilting in the Garden.  I took so many, that I had to distill it down to a manageable amount.  The inside of the nursery was decorated for fall....

,,,,,and Christmas.  My friend Virgina, made the Santa quilt.  So sweet and cute. 

The Newark quilt guild was selling raffle tickets for their version of my Party in the Garden.

I bought a bunch of tickets for the green basket quilt made by several of my friends from the Amador Valley Quilt Guild.  I know I'm going to have to buy some more tickets the next time I see the girls.  I wish I'd taken a better picture to really show you the quilting.

Here's the In Between Stitches booth just after set up and before the crowds arrived.

My contribution to the show was Buttonwood, Winterset and Toyland Tree.  The ladies were pointing out the flange on Winterset.  It only took me nine months to finish the pattern directions for Winterset, which are now available at the shop.

It was an amazing show filling every pore with inspiration. As you go about your day, try to be an inspiration to everyone you see, but first you have to inspire yourself. Get out a UFO and start working on it or make a charity quilt. Decorate your home for Fall and get in the mood for the chilly evenings by a fire. There are so many things to do and get started TODAY!


  1. So many pretty quilts. We have an outdoor quilt show next month. It's always so refreshing. Hope the weather holds out :-)

  2. WOW!! Gorgeous quilts...but that raffle quilt blew me away!! I especially love the border! Very unusual and beautiful!

  3. Beautiful photos! It has to be such a trip to see a quilt made from a pattern you designed! I love all the people clustered around your quilts pointing at the details. Isn't that fun for you! Thanks for sharing! Wish I lived close enough to see your quilts in person!

    Cheery wave from

  4. I sure did enjoy the show. wish I could have been there in person. that basket quilt is fabulous.

  5. I'm so bummed..... I did not get to go to the show this year....maybe next must give you a great feeling to see the guilds using your patterns for their raffle quilts.....

  6. Just wonderful, Lynn! I saw the detail of Judy Mathieson's quilt in your third photo on the Quilt Show yesterday - all the little fussy cut dogs are so darned cute! There truly is so much inspiration here!

  7. Wow what amazing and inspiring quilts, and you're right about all those geese in Part 1.

  8. What an amazing show!!! Lots of talent. My favorite quilt is the 9 patch, flower quilt with all the dogs and dog heads. So cool. I would never think of that...super creative.