Friday, September 21, 2012

Putzing Around

Hello Everyone,

I've been resting up after the whirlwind of quilting for the past few months.  We came up to the cabin after class on Tuesday......I left my sewing machine at home!  That's a first for me.  I call this quilt Lil' Orphan Scrappy.  It was one of my tablecloths at the quilt show.

About all I've done for the past two days is move quilts around the cabin and clean.  I can move the quilts much easier than I can move the log beds.  It takes two men and a boy to move these beds, so  I'll just stick with the quilts.  I moved Sallie's quilt into one of the guest rooms.  I also plugged in all the electric blankets to get ready for winter.

I brought Minglewood up to the cabin and this quilt precipitated all of the moving.  There is one more complete Minglewood kit left at the shop.  It is almost identical to mine.  Minglewood went on the bed in the master bedroom.  This quilt is so big, I could do away with the dust ruffle. 

I worked on and finished the pattern directions for the Nostalgic Christmas quilt this week.  I'll have to print copies of it when we return home.

I hung the quilt outside and I was able to get some good pictures of the quilting.

Mr. Joe found these great Ziploc bags down at the little Ace Hardware store here in town.  They will make great carriers for taking quilts and projects back and forth to the cabin.  They have probably been around forever, but they are new to me.

They come with handles, air vents and a zipper.  I think this one will hold at least four quilts.  They measure 2.2 feet x 16 inches x 12 inches high.  They seem very durable and will keep the quilts nice and clean.

If you are in or around Livermore this weekend you should plan on attending, Quilting in the Garden, an outdoor quilt show at Alden Lane Nursery that is a 'must see'.  Some of the festivities actually yesterday with quilting classes.  This is a wonderful outdoor quilt show.  The quilts are displayed from the majestic, old oak trees.  I'm going to get there early, then we are headed to our grandson's 5th baseball-themed. birthday party, then to Pop Warner football game to see our granddaughter toss her pom poms in the air.  It is going to be a full day of everything Americana, quilts, baseball birthday parties, and youth football.

I still have to respond to lots of comments about the show. I'll get to it.......maybe tomorrow.......




  1. I just love the scrappy quilt at the top, what a beauty! Is there a pattern for it? I am still in love with your Minglewood and sure wish I had the funds to splurge on that last kit.

  2. Everything looks so lovely Lynne..
    Like Yvette, I love the first scrappy fact I love all your quilts.
    Julia ♥

  3. You sure deserved a few days at the cabin without your sewing machine, Lynn! Of course maybe not all that cleaning, but I wouldn't be surprised if the wheels weren't turning with ideas for new designs while you worked your way around the cabin! Not seen those Zip Loc bags, but they would be terrific for quilts and blankets! Enjoy your rest - wish I could zip down for Alden Lane!

  4. Sounds like you've got a busy weekend ahead. Have fun.

  5. Beautiful quilts, Lynn. "Little Orphan Scrappy" is a delightful name for a quilt - makes me snicker. :-)

  6. Hi Lynn,

    Can you tell me where I can get the pattern for your Little Orphan Scrappy quilt? Thanks!