Monday, September 24, 2012

Quilting in the Garden - 2012 - Part One

Hello Everyone,

Quilt show time this morning over your morning coffee.  Quilting in the Garden was this weekend and I think it was the best one ever!  (I say that every year.....but this one was amazing.)  One of the featured artists was Judy Mathieson.

Judy has a very distinct style which is mind boggling.

The quilts are all displayed from 100 year old oak trees and gently sway in the breeze.  The weather was perfect, no rain and it wasn't 104 degrees!

Now that's a lot of flying geese.

Many quilters enter their quilts into the show from all around the area.

This show is great for my double chin since I'm always looking up!

I started my Saturday early to help with set up at the show, then we headed over to the sports park for our grandson's baseball-themed 5th birthday party.

Auntie Caren made some of the treats.  This was such a cute idea and they tasted good too!

After the party, I zipped back to the quilt show so Gail could see the quilts.  Then Mr. Joe and I headed to Patterson to watch our granddaughter cheer at the Pop Warner football game. It was a full day full of quilts and good family fun.

Sunday I worked at the shop and had the opportunity to meet lots of quilter's that came to town from all over the state.  It was a great weekend. 

I'm off to the shop this morning to help put everything away that was in the booth at the show.  Then I'm sure my to-do list will include getting ready for the next show, Pacific International Quilt Festival in October.  That show also is a must see. 

Attending a quilt show is so inspirational, colorful and just plain makes me happy.  I appreciate all of the workmanship and the hours upon hours that it takes to make a quilt.  This is quilt show season, so get out, get involved and support your local quilt guilds by attending a will make you happy too.




  1. Thanks for sharing! There are some "famous" quilts at that show! Your grandchildren are so cute! That little boy is adorable! He must have the same birthday as my little grand-baby. Your granddaughter is such a beauty! Aren't you proud! You are so lucky to be close enough to see them! Have a great Monday!

    Cheery wave from

  2. Here I sit at my computer, rather than squinting at the screen on my NOOK! Sitting amongst piles of fabric & patterns that soon will be spread out all over my big trunk coffee table so I can take in the beauty of my California Treasure Hunt Booty!
    We were inspired and awed by the complexity and beauty of Judys quilts too and she's such a nice lady. We came away with an autographed copy of her book. Loved her sheep quilt too...did you see it?
    The best thing though, was that my friend Lynn, did a U-turn in the middle of the street just so she could come back to say Hi and give me another of her warm wonderful hugs before dashing off to be with her beautiful grandbabies!
    Another long distance hug to you!
    Nancie Anne!!! (& Wayne & Maecee)

  3. This quilt show is on my list - ONE of these years I will be able to attend. I live in Utah, so I will drive to Sacramento to pick up my mom, then we'll head down to the show. She's not really a quilter, but she LOVES plants so I think we'll both enjoy attending. Thanks for all the pictures!

  4. Oh, thank you for these wonderful pics...the show was out of this world, and since I live much too far away, I am getting all my inspiration through your eyes. Thank you for sharing!

  5. Hi Lynn.... What a lovely way to have a quilt show... I love the quilts and the first picture quilt is so stunning... All the quilts are lovely... Thanks for sharring... Hugs :)

  6. sounds like you had a super weekend.
    amazing quilts. thanks for sharing.
    your grandkids are cute.

  7. Hi Lynn...well, I persuaded (ok...tricked) my husband into driving down to Livermore (from Oakland,Oregon) for the weekend to take in the quilt show. The quilts were just beautiful, and I was glad that I got the opportunity to see some of your quilts 'in person.' Pictures don't do them justice. The show was all I had hoped for, Alden Lane Nursery is the perfect setting. IT'S ABSOLUTELY AMAZING THERE! I'm sorry that I missed seeing you at the show, however, I was able to visit a bit with Alex Anderson (we both went to Livermore High in our youth), so we chatted about a few people that we know in common. I squeezed in a visit to In Between Stitches, which is always a highlight for me. I regret that I wasn't able to stop in on Sunday to see you, but we had a date with Alcatraz that morning. You were right, the show is a 'must see.' I'm only afraid that I missed seeing some of the quilts...they were everywhere!

  8. Thank you for your wonderful photos from the show, Lynn! Judy Mathieson's work is unbelievable as is eveyone's! Someday Mr. Squash and I will make it there - it's on my bucket list!

  9. What a showing of fabulous quilts! I wish I did not have a fear of flying! I would sew fly out there! Thank you for sharing so those of us who couldn't be there can see the beauty!

  10. Some wonderful quilts there, thanks Lynn. I must say, I love the flying geese block, but that quilt with thousands of them would have driven me round the bend.