Monday, January 14, 2013

Sew'n Wild Oaks Class WAS in Session

Hello Everyone,

I'm almost a week late in my posting, but better late than never.  The Sew'n Wild Oaks girls met last Tuesday for our regular class meeting.  Paula is almost finished with her beautiful house for Party in the Garden. She created such a welcoming cottage.  I love the way she changed the flowers and made this quilt her own.

Carol has been working hard on her Summer's Blush/Winter's Warmth quilt.  We collectively decided the gold posts were overwhelming, so out with the gold, in with the blue.  (Isn't that catchy?)

She has all of her hexies made and the flowers are ready for the setting triangles.

Louise is in yo-yo mania.  She has hundreds of them made and she's sewing them on the blocks.

These yo-yo's and cute buttons are for another project.  The buttons are a perfect addition.

Isabelle has a scrumptious stack of blocks for Minglewood.  She started attaching the sashings and posts, so we will be seeing a completed quilt top soon.

Isabelle is also one of my pattern testers and she made a block for the Butterscotch Basket quilt from my directions. She provided me with some valuable input that will make the directions easier to follow.

Kathy started preparing the applique pieces for Toyland Tree.  This class is starting the 4th Sunday of the month. I have to start getting my act together so I can make the quilt along with the rest of the class.

My sister Gail, is also one of my pattern testers and she is moving right along on her blocks for Butterscotch Baskets. Each block requires five different fabrics.  She's put over thirty groupings together and is going to have her blocks done lickety split.....all 80 of them!  This is a fun block and I'll bet you can't make just one!

She works together in groups of four.  Once the cutting is done, she starts in on her power sewing by chain piecing.

Evelynne is almost all finished with her blocks for Summer's Blush/Winter's Warmth.  She has the pinwheels and stars down pat by this point in time.

If you notice, the pinwheels are turning in different directions to make this quilt fly!

Kay has an excellent start on her House on Edgewood Lane quilt. We selected the fabric for the setting squares and setting triangles.  Kay is a finisher and this quilt top will be done by our next meeting. (No pressure Kay!)

Beautiful applique.

Cindy is very organized while working on her hexies for Summer's Blush.  I love all of her little check centers.  Just so cute and unifying.

Barbara finished another beautiful Nostalgic Christmas block.  She's sailing along on them.  Once you get the double flying geese made, the rest of the block is simple.

Kaye with an "E" found out over the Holidays her granddaughter is getting married in April.  So let the wedding quiltmaking begin!  We were playing around with block placement and discussed the quilting that could go in the center of her gorgeous log cabin blocks.

So that's it folks.  The girls have been busy, busy, busy and I expect we'll be seeing some great tops coming together over the next couple of months coming from my girls.....they ROCK!

I'm off to work my Monday at the shop.  I'll be preparing the first blocks for the Toyland Tree BOM program starting this month at In Between Stitches.  I have a couple more slots left, so it's not too late to sign up.

I can't decide if I want to start with the bear......

....or the rocking horse.

During my Toyland Tree class, I'm going to make another quilt with a white background and black polka dots.  This is going to be fun and the quilt is going to be the same.....yet so different.



  1. What fun! I love those hexie setting blocks for that quilt. Such a gorgeous house block she worked up!

  2. Talented group! They are all my favorite!

  3. Wow - LOVED seeing pictures of all the projects! I made a log cabin quilt years ago and set it like the one you showed here (for the wedding) and I put large Dresden Plates in the light openings - instead of doing lots of fancy quilting - she might consider something like that. I can email you a picture if you'd like so she can see it..... There seems to be a mania for hexies in blogland lately - they're awesome!

  4. Oh My! Get me a nice cool lemonade! It's in the single digits here this morning but those girls have worn me out!

  5. So fun to see what everyone is working on :-D

  6. So much eye candy, Lynn! That rooftop in Paula's house really catches my eye as do the little candy corn buttons from Louise! Gail pins her blocks exactly the way I do (and here I thought I was being weird - wink). Barbara's Nostalgic Christmas block is so unusual and rich! Your gals do rock!

  7. You must all have so much fun! The quilters are all making such gorgeous projects...the butterscotch blocks are so yummy looking!

  8. Great post Lynn.
    OMG, I want to make everything that you show...I would need to live and quilt for another 100 years for that.
    I'll start with Country Charmer first.
    Julia ♥

  9. How much fun seeing all the different projects the groups working on. Thanks for sharing, I loved your show------

  10. Woww there's some busy bees in your group. There will be some lovely quilts soon.