Friday, January 11, 2013

The Traveling Quilts

Hello Everyone,

I spent my day making and quilting another Nostalgic Pillow.  I found the great vintage valentine image online for free HERE and printed in on Printed Treasure paper.  I really like the fact that it's not your typical RED valentine.  I may be able to keep this one out through Easter as long as people don't read "To My Valentine!" 

I put this one on the Handiquilter and had it quilted in no time at all.

After the pillow was finished, I started packing up all of my quilts that recently came home.  We are headed to Quilter's Corner in Sacramento this morning.  I met one of the owners at the quilt show in Georgetown, and she wanted me to come to their shop with some samples and patterns.  Now that all of the quilts are back home, it's time to send then out on the road again.  How would you like to sleep under all of these quilts?  It's been so cold here that it's not a bad idea.

I decided to take the pillow along with me too. Now my house looks vacant!  Quilts add so much to the decor and make it so inviting.  I guess I'll just have to design and make some more!

Thanks go out to all of you expressing an interest in the Country Charmer Quilt Along.  We are going to have quite a large, international group making the quilt together. I can't wait to see some of your color combinations.  I haven't quite decided which colorway to choose, but I know it's going to be full of checks, polka dots, stripes and of course, plaids.



  1. I really like that this pillow isn't so traditional, Lynn! Have fun in Sacramento! I have three of my quilts on our bed right now - we like the weight of several as opposed to one big one - and it's a great excuse to make more!

  2. Bye Bye quilts ! It must be so hard to part with them again :-(

    Your pillow is just perfect for Valentines Day !