Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Getting it Right the First Time

Hello Everyone,
Have you been waiting for me to wake up?  It has been so cold here, which makes it much easier to stay in bed all toasty and warm under a quilt and electric blanket.  I'm enjoying my first cup of coffee for the morning and Zinnie is curled up at my feet.  It was definitely a three-dog night last night here in the frozen woods.
Yesterday I finished all of the blocks for Butterscotch Baskets. Say Butterscotch Baskets Blocks three times fast. Go ahead, I'll wait........  By the second time, I'm saying Butterscotch Blastic Bocks.  Anyway, they are finished and stitched together AND the instructions are written for this block.  Now I can pass them on to my pattern tester Isabelle, and my sister Gail.

By late afternoon, and after the Stanford bowl game finished, we took Zinnie for a walk down to Snowflake Lake.  Now say Snowflake Lake three times fast!

The lake is always drained in the winter.  I guess the Homeowners Association doesn't want me ice skating on it.  Not that I can ice skate.  I only put shoes, snowshoes or hiking boots on my feet.  Nothing with wheels, skinny blades or spiky heels touch these toes.

How about a round of golf?  I will put golf spikes on my feet.....not that it helps my game!

I have another long to-do list.  Yesterday during the bowl games, I ended up ripping out all of the setting triangles on Butterscotch Baskets, flanges and all.  In my rush to get it together for the Preview Party, I cut the setting triangles the incorrect size.  I could have made them work, but they would not have been up to my standards.  So out they came and it gave me a good excuse to sit and watch the bowl games.  So back to the drawing board today to get it RIGHT the second time!

I hope you get it RIGHT the first time today whatever you choose to do. 



  1. Love your butterscotch blocks and the pics of your wonderful winter wonderland! Old Man Winter hit here last night so there was lots of shoveling this morning. Sorry to hear about the seam ripping...been there, done that! Enjoy the rest of the day!

  2. Brrrr....I'd stay under the covers, too! What gorgeous surroundings at the cabin (inside, too)! One good thing about all that snow is no pine needles to rake (wink)! Enjoy!

  3. Love those butterscotch blocks and looking forward to the pattern being published. It is 31 degrees here today, a regular balmy day in Colorado. I am taking today to put away the last of Christmas and take down the outside lights. Some are under frozen snow so will have to wait for some sunshine. Take care and enjoy this beautiful day.

  4. Happy New Year!!!!!!!


  5. You're just all into those little tongue twisters today? Pretty Giddy you are! What's in your coffee darlin'?
    Keep Mamas toes warm Zinnie!!!

  6. That's kinda weird that they drain it. It doesn't look deep enough for someone to drown if they fall through the ice? Where we just moved, there are designated meadows that are commonly owned by us all, which are sadly kept mown each year now. The neighbors said the HOA started that up 3 years ago because of the severe drought and nasty forest fires (the meadows are within a Ponderosa woodland). I'm sure it's necessary and helpful, but how sad to not have any of the meadow wildflowers to admire!