Saturday, March 16, 2013

Dinner and a Quilt Show

Hello Everyone,
I spent my afternoon and evening with 6 extremely talented quilters.....The Potty Mouth Piecers.  My friend Kaaren hosts a retreat every year in her quilting studio.  I went over yesterday afternoon and was treated to a quilt show followed by a fabulous dinner!
Let the show begin 
Lynne's amazing quilt.  
You could really capture the essence of the quilt by looking at the incredible back.  Lynne quilted huts and an African mask in the center.

This quilt is for a new little Southern baby named Dixie Pearl. My friend Kaaren, designed, made and quilted this baby quilt.  I've watched in grow in stages over the past few weeks.

Mauna just started stitching the borders on this Lone Star.

Beautiful applique! 

Kaaren finished her beauty.

This is Shirley's house for the Playtime quilt....gorgeous applique.

Shirley is going to be ready for Easter.

All the strips from one jelly roll were sewn together for this quilt.

Love the black check Mauna selected for the inner border to frame her baskets!

Mauna made this needle case in a class she took from Sue Spargo.

This quilt was hot off the machine.  Lynne finished quilting it while I was there.  Incredible.  Lynne really captured the beauty of the redwoods in her quilt.

A lucky little baby is going to receive this quilt at a baby shower today from Mauna.

Pam is making Baltimore Christmas.  This is a labor of love.

More of Pam's beautiful and precise applique....just exquisite.

Kaaren's work in wool. Love the colors and all of her stitching.

Denise Sheehan from A Graceful Stitch was there too.  You can see all of Denise's patterns and books HERE.  Aren't these quilts amazing from her book A Graceful Garden. Lynne and Denise made them.  Denise was working on her newest design.  I didn't want to spill the beans, sorry no pictures!

Kaaren's big farmhouse kitchen table was decorated beautifully for Spring.  What a treat to spend some time with the Potty Mouth Piecers!  (I could tell you the other name they came up for themselves over dinner, but this is a G-rated blog!) 



  1. What a load of loveliness! Love the color combinations - warm and yummy! And the name of the group - Potty Mouth Piecers - too funny! After working in law enforcement for about 10 years, then going over to mortgage banking for the next nearly 30 years I have a very poor vocabulary and really have to watch my language. Some of the ladies in the charity sewing group I sew with are very religious and I REALLY have to bite my tongue not to be dropping the "F-bomb" while sewing with the group. I'm old enough to know better by now! Some day I may grow up.

    1. LOL...I was taught to use the "F" word by the very matronly wife of an Episcopal priest in 1972 when I was 20. At the time, it was "the perfect and only word to use in the circumstance in which I found myself" (her words, not mine!)
      Years and circumstances later, truer words were never spoken!!

  2. Lovely quilt show - sounds like a very fun and productive group.

  3. Thank you for a wonderful show!

  4. I got my quilting calories for the day with all the beautiful work here, Lynn! How fun to be with Denise, too! I have her book - she is so talented! Glad you gals had some fun!

  5. Wonderful quiltcshow. So beautiful work.
    Love it.

    Greetings Grit

  6. I'm dying to know that other name. I just read one of your other posts about this "verbal" group last week and was cracking up!

  7. Amazing quilts. Looks like it was a fun time with the girls..
    Julia ♥

  8. Such lovely quilt projects!!! I always enjoy your "show"!!!

    Blessed stitching!!

  9. Each time I see the photos from the different quilting clubs, it's so surprising to see how similar and yet how different we all are.
    What an amazing group of people, we quilters are.