Sunday, March 24, 2013

Stitcherific Contest

Hello Everyone,
A picture of your stash could win the Colorful Stash Buster book by Mary Cowan.  In Between Stitches, the shop where I work, is holding a contest and you have one week to enter.  Click HERE for all of the details.  I took this picture of my old pie safe in 2009.  Do you think it still looks this organized?  Not on your life!  I was expecting house guests, so I had to tidy up my sewing room.

This old mail letter holder is my go to spot for my scraps and it's always pretty organized.  Anything from a fat 1/8th to a fat quarter is usually stored here.

What I'm not showing you are the bins and bins of fabric stored in the closet(s).  No one except the dog gets to see the closets!
I'm headed to the shop this afternoon to teach my Toyland Tree class.  I'll be posting pictures of all the creativity tomorrow. Until then, have a wonderful Sunday.


  1. Can I come shop from your stash? Wow, you sure have alot. I agree keeping it all neat and tidy is a job in itself.

  2. OOO! I would love to have that letter holder for my fabrics. Nice stash!

  3. I entered a couple days ago, Lynn! I think your pie safe is a lot more organized than my fabric cupboard!

  4. What a great piece of furniture to store your FQs - love all those little cubbies!

  5. oooooh I so love the mail carrier for you smaller cuts!