Monday, March 25, 2013

These Horses Rock!

 Hello Everyone,
The girls in the Toyland Tree class really rock......right along with their Rocking Horses! All of these horses were rocking across the design wall at In Between Stitches yesterday. 

Here's a couple of ideas to add more detail and make your horse come alive.

This little one looked like it rode right off a carousel onto a quilt.

The Teddy Bears begged to have their pictures taken again too!  They didn't want to be left out of the spotlight.

This month, everyone is working on the Marionette.  By the time Christmas rolls around, the girls are going to have a new Christmas quilt to decorate their homes for many years to come.

If anyone is interested in the Toyland Tree BOM, I have a couple of openings left in the program.  Or venture out and select your own fabrics out of your stash and create the little vintage characters.  It's easier than you think to select your own fabrics and the pattern is available separately.

I'm off to the shop for my Monday work day.  The Monday Ladies will probably be there and I'll get to see what they've been creating since I last saw them.

Enjoy your day!



  1. My goodness you have a lot of talented people with great ideas in your classes. Have a great day and fun with the Monday Ladies. Hugs.

  2. What fun!! The horses and bears really make me smile :)