Friday, July 12, 2013

Making Progress

Hello Everyone,
I finally have a name for my new quilt, Harvest of Hope. I still have to do some embroidery on the basket block, but I couldn't wait to see how this section was going to turn out once it was sewn together.


I finished 36 components for my border and gave them wings.

Here are the four borders all lined up.  In the past, I'm the greatest procrastinator when it comes to putting borders on a quilt.  I find it boring to cut long lengths of fabric, get them just right and sew them on.  This is the first border that I've had fun making!  I think all of my borders from now on are going to be much more interesting.

I've been auditioning inner and double outer borders.  I think it looks great on this side of the quilt.

But I'm not sold on this side of the quilt.  I'll decide when I get the whole center section together.

Don't forget, tomorrow in the 2nd weekend of the month and that means it Christmas Quilt Along time.  Our hostest is the very comical Hazel.  To find out more information about the QAL, click HERE.  The challenge this year is to make a Christmas quilt without using red or green.  This is going to kill me!  I've come up with an idea.....not sure that I'm totally sold on it.....but I'll give it a go.

See you tomorrow at the QAL.  The Christmas music will be playing and driving our company bonkers.  Actually, they will think that I'm going bonkers.....and they are probably right!  I've just confirmed what Mr. Joe has known for years!



  1. Great name! I love those little pumpkins as well as your pieced border. I like the way you constructed the border; seeing it finished, I would have guessed it was two strips instead of the blocks with added triangles.

  2. Hi from across the ocean!
    I've been following your blog and this quilt for some time now and have been drooling over it every time you write a new post. Of course I should have posted a reaction a long time ago but I'm not much of a writer, sorry.
    The colours and blocks are fantastic and totaly 'my' taste. :-). So if you don't know what to do with the top after all, I'll gladly send you my snail mail adress (but I'm sure there are at least 100 people in front of me) LOL.
    Is this going to be a pattern? I've been searching for a clue but couldn't find it (but I'm famous for overlooking something) .
    Again lots of compliments for this quilt-to-be (and not just for this quilt)
    Dutch hug

  3. The pumpkins are lovely. This will be quite a remarkable quilt!

    See you at Hazel's some time over the weekend.

  4. I LOVE the name!!! "Harvest of Hope" is just perfect!!! I love the border too!! I can hardly wait to see the end result!!


  5. Harvest of Hope is least what I've seen so far! The pumpkins are much prettier than the ones at market. Love those borders too!

  6. I've been trying to comment from my phone, but I couldn't get it to go through.....I just love this quilt.....everything about it....

  7. Who would have thought of a purple pumpkin? I love it.