Friday, October 11, 2013

Harvest of Hope Table Runner

Hello Everyone,

It's time to make a table runner for Thanksgiving.  I'm using the top section from my Harvest of Hope pattern.  Between raking and stacking wood, this is the progress I made yesterday using these gorgeous fall colors.
This should be just the right size for my table.  But, you know, the first person who spills turkey gravy on it will be shot at sunrise!  Unless of course it's one of the grand kids:)  
The first time I made this top section, all of the leaves surrounding the little birds were gold.

I took a picture of the maple tree out front and decided to make the leaves all different colors this time around. 
This tree has a split personality.  Half of it wants to remain green and the other half wants to change.

We've been busy as the squirrels getting ready for winter.  There's so much to do now that can't be done in the rain or snow.  You can hear the hum of the chain saws in the air, the national anthem of the mountains.  I'd rather be able to listen to the birds, but that's not happening this week.

I'm teaching Harvest of Hope at In Between Stitches beginning Sunday.  If you are interested in taking this class, one Sunday afternoon a month for the next three months,  I have a couple of openings. 

Have a great day and wonderful weekend everyone.  I'm off to begin mine by selecting fabric to make some plaid leaves!



  1. Hmmm...I wonder what the cost of a round trip flight of course, is from here to thee once a month for 3 months would run??? Could we arrange for a Helipad in the parking lot behind In Betwixt Stitches????

  2. I would love to take one of your class openings! Wonder how long it would take to drive from Arizona (dang!) ? LOL
    Have you thought about covering the table with a clear plastic? Walmart here sells plastic sheeting on a roll. That way all those beautiful appliques could be enjoyed with no worries.
    I always enjoy projects you share on the blog, thanks!

  3. I would love to take one of your classes, too - but the closes will have to be the fun with Country Charmer (which is on Val's fram as we speak).

  4. Hi Lynn, catching up on all your happenings!!! Fall is a busy time, but I do love it!!! Your projects and classes are just wonderful - thanks for sharing!!!


  5. What a great idea, to make a runner for the table. I agree about the gravy...I always move the table runners away when we actually sit down for supper. I'm with the other gals...wish we lived closer. I'm sure they'll have a blast in your class. Thanks for such great Fall pictures!

  6. What a gorgeous runner. We in Canada are celebrating Thanksgiving this weekend. Monday to be exact.

  7. Oh that looks wonderful. I can't wait to get going on mine.

  8. Uh, oh....everyone will have to be on their best behavior if that runner is on your Thanksgiving table, Lynn ;>) I don't know which is prettier - the runner or the leaves outside! What time did you say the marshmallow roast was?