Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Taking Aim at Heartfire

Hello Everyone,

I've been diligently working on my Heartfire quilt.  So has Quilt Sue.  Sue is adding some applique to her centers which I think is a great idea.  I LOVE the Midwinter Red fabrics by Minick and Simpson!

I made a collage of blocks which will help me experiment with different fabrics for the setting triangles.  Warning.....the blocks are addictive!  I'll put a tutorial together on the block's construction.  There are a few little tricks I use with my ruler when I trim each strip.

On another subject, we always try to attend any school function or sporting event in which are grandchildren participate.  This time is so precious and memorable, and we don't want to miss a thing. 
Last Sunday was a very special event for our very special granddaughter, Emily.  Emily was born with congenital cataracts almost 11 years ago.  Her vision may be impaired, but her spirit and will is strong.  After seeing The Hunger Games and reading the book, she decided she wanted to try archery.

She joined 4-H and became a member of the archery team.

There was a tournament last weekend which was a fundraiser for breast cancer.  Each girl shot 40 arrows and scores were taken after each round of 4 arrows.

Emily's cheering section was so proud of her!  She's happily displaying her target showing many arrows found and made their mark.  I know Emily is going to make her mark on the world in a positive way.

Never give up.  Never think you can't do something because YOU CAN DO IT!  YOU GO GIRL!


P.S.  Here's a link to another post that I wrote about Emily 2 years ago when she started quilting.


  1. I just love those blocks and that is a fabric line I so want to grab up. Would love a tute on them. Bless her heart - 4-H is a great program and I love that she took the challenge.

  2. Your blocks are looking wonderful Lynn.

    Tell Emily congratulations from me, it looks like she did brilliantly well.

  3. Beautiful blocks!! Congrats to Emily, I love her spirit and determination to overcome her challenges. Hugs!

  4. Loving your Heartfire quilt. Well done Emily and I understand her "will as" I've been a volunteer for 9 years with people with low vision and blindness and find that most of them are willing to try a lot that some sighted people wouldn't., Take care.

  5. Love your blocks! I have some charm packs and fat quarters of Midwinter Reds just waiting for some inspiration...this might be it! Your granddaughter is certainly making her mark already! What a sweetie!

  6. Heartfire will be so stunning, Lynn! I even have a favorite block in your collage! Way to Go Emily! She is truly a winner in every way!

  7. Hey Emily! Next time we visit maybe we will get to meet and you can teach us about archery...it was something I thought looked like fun when my cousins were shooting...but I was too little and wasn't allowed. I'm so glad you've gotten involved in 4-H! We were leaders for many years and it was a great thing for our kids...they showed livestock, were camp counselors, and participated in Know Your Government...& eventually 4-H & FFA scholarships helped our oldesr daughter along her path to becoming a Vet...you remind me of her...she was so attached to her glasses when she was little that she didn't want people to see her without them!
    Now do me a favor & give your Grandma a big hug...cuz she's awesome...just like you!!!!

  8. A huge "thank you" and "congratulations" to Emily for her success helping the Girls!!!!!