Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Sew'n Wild Oaks Drop-In Class

Hello Everyone,
My girls came to the classroom at In Between Stitches yesterday ready to work on their projects and boy did they get a lot done.  Gail started out by showing us her beautiful quilt that she started in Quilt Sue's class at Quilting in the Garden.

This quilt is on the cover of Quilt Sue's PICK FOUR book and it's available at In Between Stitches.

Gail also worked on some of her little baskets that she will use in For the Love of Baskets.

Isabelle showed us her Minglewood quilt.  She said it was a "work of determination."  This was a block of the month offered by In Between Stitches about two years ago.  Both Isabelle and Barbara's quilts are almost ready for quilting.

Speaking of Barbara and Minglewood, we almost lost Barbara in her 9 yards of pieced backing for Minglewood! She's buried somewhere underneath her pile of fabric.

This beautiful collection is going to be Mittens with Moxie the next time you see it.  You have to make your fabric first, cut strips, sew them together, then cut them again, then sew them know that's what quilters do!

Evelynne worked on her very realistic giraffe for Toyland Tree.  Isn't he something!  He's so realistic and seems to be enjoying his ride around the Christmas Tree.

Judy worked on her cute little Jack who looks like he's springing right out of his box.  I love the fabric Judy selected for the hat.

Cindy also brought in her little Jack.  His little toy box looks so realistic and adorable.

Here is Cindy's Raggedy Ann.  The hair is just perfect!

Kaye is recovering from knee surgery and she hasn't been able to use her sewing machine for a few weeks, but man can she cut out blocks for her basket quilt!  She's is ready to put the foot peddle to the metal and dig in!
Isabelle is also working on Winterset and began cutting and placing fabrics on her block layout sheet.

Marti is working on Chelsea Cottage by Blackbird Designs.  She will be working on the center applique soon once the blocks are finished.

Susan started selecting fabrics for her basket quilt.  Susan's Butterscotch Baskets is going to be so beautiful in her green, pink and black combinations. I'm really looking forward to see the final quilt.  As Quilt Sue would say, Susan has good Pointy Bits.

Now it's show and tell so you can see what the girls have been up to over the past few months.  Evelynne showed us her truly amazing and incredible Baltimore Halloween quilt.  Lani Ennis machine quilted this beauty.  Every time I looked at it I saw something new.  Evelynne's attention to detail, fabric selections, and "bling" makes this quilt a treasured heirloom.

Isabelle brought in a baby quilt she just finished.  This was so cheerful and happy.  Both baby and mommy are going to love it!

Isabelle is going to quilt this quilt on her new Bernina.  She is well on her way to mastering machine quilting.  Great job!

Well, you can see my girls have been busy.  There is always so much talent in the classroom it's staggering.  Not only can these girls quilt, they are an absolute joy. We talk, we eat homemade cookies, we bring laughter to each other and we comfort each other in the time of need.  That's what quilters do and that's what friends are for.  I've said it before and I'll say it again.....YOU GIRLS ROCK!



  1. Once again, thank you for the pictures!!! This is truly a great group of ladies who do know how to take perfectly good fabric, hack it up then put it back together in the most amazingly beautiful ways!!

  2. OOOh Gail! I love your batiks! Bought some pretty ones myself during our tour with your Sis! Hmmm...where's that Pick Four Book?!?!?!
    Isabelle is just too darn cute...and your work of determination is totally worth it! The baby cute is so happy and sweet too!
    I love Baltmore Halloween...and Baltimore Autumn even more! Now if I could just track down those awesome ap-PLEEK-ay tools that you shared with Sue and I! No luck so far...
    Wish I could be there with all ya'll!

  3. I think my fingers got crossed or my tang got toungled on that previous comment! Isabelles baby QUILT is so happy and sweet...and CUTE too!

  4. Hear me shouting every exclamation I can think of over how awesome everyone's work is! I've even startled the kitties - one just flew off my lap - wink! Gosh - this group really does rock, Lynn! I love Barbara all wrapped up in her backing. I so wish I could "channel" myself down there for your group!

  5. Oh my goodness! What wonderful talented folks in your group! Love Gail's fabrics for her quilt...great idea to use batiks. The basket blocks are really pretty, and I am very relieved you found Barbara! Isabelle certainly knows how to quilt!

  6. There is some wonderful work going on in that class. It's specially lovely to see it now that I have met some of the people.