Thursday, October 31, 2013

Country Charmer Preview

Hello Everyone,
Just a teaser today.....Lesley The Cuddle Quilter's Country Charmer quilt is finished and off my HandiQuilter.

You will have to stop by Lesley's blog tomorrow, November 1st, to see the whole quilt.  This red, white and blue quilt looks fabulous in my guest room here in the United States.  Do I really have to send it back to you in Nova Scotia Lesley???? 

Here's the whole back of the quilt.  I know I teasing you but I want Lesley to be the first to reveal her gorgeous quilt.

Lesley organized the Country Charmer Quiltalong and quilters around the world joined in.  Patterns have gone as far away as Russia and then south to Australia.  This has been fun!  Thank you so much Lesley for organizing the Quiltalong.  Thanks also go to Quilt Sue for designing the QAL button that has been popping up on blogs around the world.

It's never too late to make a Country Charmer.  I have detailed tutorials listed under the Country Charmer Quilt Along at the top of my blog.  The tutorials discuss color selection and block construction.  The patterns are available by emailing me at or go directly to In Between Stitches.

It's a fun, scrappy quilt to make in any colorway.  Here's my darker version.

Here's my original red and green version.

Again, thank you Lesley for organizing the QAL and trusting me to quilt your quilt.  Now we need to work out a visitation schedule so I can meet you in Nova Scotia and visit our your quilt!



  1. OMG, Lynn, it is exquisite. Makes me want to intercept the postman before he delivers it to Lesley's door!! She must be over-the-moon in love with it. I can't wait to see in in person and handle it!! (Hint, hint, Lesley!)

  2. Oh Lynn, this is just fabulous. I love the colors Lesley chose, but your versions are wonderful too. You did a great job with the quilting which shows the design off perfectly.

  3. Wow the back looks absolutely wonderful. Can't wait to see Lesley's big reveal!

  4. Lesley's quilt looks lovely. Well done to both of you. I won't be able to look till next week. Both your versions are also gorgeous.

  5. Oh wow , can't wait for Lesley to reveal this incredible beauty and even better I want to see this in person ! Wonderful job by both of you .

  6. I couldn't wait. I just published my post. Lynn, your quilting is fabulous! You are the Queen of the HandiQuilter! And yes, you do have to send it to me in Nova Scotia.If you only lived closer, I'd drop by to pick it up! According to the map, you are only 6,080 km. away...oops, guess I would have to convert that into miles for you! Thanks so are awesome!

  7. You did a beautiful job on Lesley's quilt!!! Amazing. Simply Amazing!!!!

  8. Gorgeous! I look forward to making mine. Your pattern is so well written and I love the placement page. I wish every pattern had a large placement page like that. Maybe I wouldn't have to use my seam ripper as much. LOL

  9. It came out gorgeous! I just love those edges and then how it looks 3-D from the middle. This beautiffuly made quilt is now breathtaking.

  10. I saw it over on Lesley's is just gorgeous. Your quilting really made it shine.

  11. I just cMe across your blog this a.m. And I adore Leslie's quilt, Country Charmer. I am really interested in making this charmer, and I appreciate your offer of assistance. If you can tell me what to do to get started, I am ready and willing!
    Also, I have 8quilts waiting to be quilted. Please advise if you are available for a very large embroid. Baby quilt, and what I need to do. Thank you so very much for your willingness to help Johnny come lately; I look forward to your reply.