Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Madrigal Quilt

Hello Everyone,
I know, I know, I'm slacking off again!  No blogging for me over the past few days.  I have been productive in other ways, as in decking the halls and everything else that has an open space that needs to be filled with Christmas.
On our way to the cabin, we stopped in  at Ladybugs Quilts in Manteca to deliver patterns.  Cute, cute shop!  The staff is so friendly and welcoming.  They have a wonderful fabric selection that is just my style. 

The girls have my Madrigal quilt on display center stage.  I'll be teaching Madrigal in April at Ladybugs.

I've made two versions of Madrigal....a dark and a light version.

Here's a link to machine quilting Madrigal that I posted some time ago.  I had fun quilting this quilt.

I hope to finish the decorating today.  The twins are coming over after school to help with their decorating assignment. When they get older, they can take over decorating the WHOLE house. I should have taken a picture of the mess in this house with boxes and claptrap strewn from one end of the house to the other.  Decorating is a messy job especially when you have to empty an entire, large closet underneath the stairs to get to all of the Christmas boxes.  I had trails throughout the entire downstairs for three days.  I felt like a gerbil in a maze.

I'll post the winner of the Sew'n Wild Oaks pattern giveaway tomorrow.  Good luck to everyone who entered.  Gail wanted me to pass on a "thank you" for all of your wonderful comments about her quilt.  She's not been able to post a comment no matter how many times she tried.....frustrating!  She felt like a gerbil in cyberspace.



  1. I love seeing your quilt in both color ways. Beautiful both ways.

  2. I just love this quilt in the darker fabrics ! Gorgeous!

  3. You know this is one of my very favorites of all your beautiful quilts. I already have the pattern and hope to start after the New Year.

  4. I love the quilting on your Madrigal quilt and doesn't it look good on show. Know the feeling about boxes at the the moment and can't wait for the end of January. Take care and happy decorating. (will we get a peek.)

  5. Decorating - a necessary evil, but once it's done you always feel so great. Nice shop!

  6. A gerbil in cyberspace? Poor Gail. Here's hoping she escapes soon. ha! ha!

  7. Beautiful quilts and such perfect quilting, I must learn to quilt in 2014.

  8. Madrigal is a beauty for sure. I hope you get your halls all decked OK and the girls had fun doing their bit. Has poor Gail turned back into a human being on earth yet?

  9. You are a busy bee!! I have thirty quilts to quilt before christmas and I am drowning in thread and wadding!!!!

  10. I have a vision of you wading through everything, Lynn! Just be thankful you don't have two juvenile delinquent cats helping - lol! I sure hope we get a little "show" of all your decorating!