Friday, May 16, 2014

A Senior Moment

Hello Everyone,
I'm back to making components and blocks for the next quilt.   So here is this beautiful block and I made four of them all the same......NOT.

Was I brain dead when I put this one together?  I actually sewed this one in the row before I saw the mistake(s).  I must have had real senior moment on this block.

I have six of these little cuties.

Then I started making components for the next four blocks.  Each block contains the following components.

When sewn together, it looks like this.

Once I get this quilt together, I think I will let you, name this quilt.  That means there will be a contest for the Patchwork Math book very soon.  This quilt is going to be featured on The Quilt during one of my segments, so the name has to be a good one!  Put your thinking caps on and think Americana.  It will be much easier for you once I get it finished.

I'm sad to say that baseball is winding down for our grandson, Jess.  We love watching him play, and we love watching our son coach the team.  Nothing is more fun than watching little 6-year-olds make a great play, and then grin from ear to ear. The little guys and girl are actually catching fly balls, and hitting a pitched ball out of the park.  No more T-Ball, these little kids are amazing. Heartwarming. Truly small town USA.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend making memories.



  1. Ah, ball games and tailgate lunches and Memorial weekend - fond memories.

  2. I think that quilters may have invented 'senior moments' - it's funny how we see what we want to see. Or not.

  3. Looking wonderful! As usual, you pick the best fabrics.

  4. Welcome! So glad you could join us here at the Home for Challenged Quilters! If it weren't for all the ripping I do, I'm certain I'd have twice as many quilts!
    I'll be mulling over names for the quilt while I'm picking out my next seam!

  5. We all have senior moments , that is why they invented the seam ripper ;-) I will have to put on my thinking cap for this beautiful Americana Quilt ! LOVE the fabrics you are using FUN !

  6. Think we all have senior's moments whether we are old or not.
    Love the colours you are using and can't wait to see the finished product. I love naming quilts too. Take care.

  7. Oops.....I can't count how many I've done like that ......

  8. I like calling them "alternative design options!" I like it.

  9. I reckon your seam ripper made you do that cos he felt he needed some exercise!

  10. I live your blocks! I really love the colors for this one! Especially that floral you're using in the center block! Guess I'll quiit resisting temptation and buy the book. I can(t think of anything better to splurge on!