Thursday, May 8, 2014

My Girls - The Finishers

Hello Everyone,
I offered my Sew'n Wild Oaks class a week early this month on Tuesday, and now I'm a day late posting the pictures!  You can see that my girls have been very, very busy and productive.  Another Harvest of Hope will be done soon.
Melody found a great piece of fabric and fussy cut the flowers for her flower basket.  This is a great idea.  She plans to machine applique the flowers in place.

Another barn has been raised with a cute and colorful roof.

Love the use of plaids in this block!

Barbara is testing my pattern directions for Emilie Elizabeth.  I'm loving the 1930's fabrics.  This pattern lends itself so well to that style.  Knowing Barbara, she will have this finished by next Tuesday!

Kathy's Toyland Tree is officially a flimsy and on the way to the machine quilter.  The details in the following two quilts are quite amazing.  Both Kathy and Judy created a family heirloom.

 Judy also finished her Toyland Tree and it is at the quilters!  (The background fabric is black with white polka dots and sometimes it just doesn't photograph well at an angle.)

I tell you, my girls are amazing!  I have lots more pictures of the blocks the rest of the group made for the online quilt-a-long beginning in June.  I will post them as the time gets a bit closer to the rollout of the online block of the month in June.

I'm on the road again.  I'm speaking at the Sierra Quilt Guild in Sonora on Monday.  I'll be teaching my Patchwork Math Workshop on Tuesday.  If any of you are in the area, I would love to meet you.

Have a wonderful, and creative day.



  1. Amazing is putting is lightly, Lynn! I can't even see the stitches in the finished blocks, either! I may need to clone a few of your gals! Have a great time in Sonora!