Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Sew'n Wild Oaks Class is in Session

Hello Everyone,
Well it's time to try to get back to normal and resume life without our little Zinnie following us around.  Yesterday was my Sew'n Wild Oaks day at In Between Stitches and I was greeted with a potted rose bush, and sympathy cards that were greatly appreciated.
The girls all worked hard yesterday.  Remember, they are my finishers! Vivian is making the star blocks for her Toyland Tree quilt. Vivian was on a mission to have perfect alignment and perfect points.

Diane got out her block layout sheet for Country Charmer and she dug right in to work.

Blocks started decorating the classroom walls in beautiful shades of red and green.  Just look at Diane's perfect points!

Susan stitched the bottom half of her 3-D Noughts and Crosses together and her points matched beautifully. 

Gail signed up for the UFO program at In Between Stitches and she is determined to have her Nostalgic Christmas quilt finished by the end of June.  I love her plaids and the fabrics she selected for her flanges.  As a group, we helped her select the inner and outer border fabrics that you will get to see next month. 

Patty is working on a kit and pattern designed by Lisa Norton.  Lisa is my cohort in quilting crime when we work together at the shop, and we get into all kids of mischief. Patty is a finisher and you will be seeing this one together very soon.

Barbara is working on her sweet, little basket blocks.  You will be seeing them in her version of For the Love of Baskets.

Isabelle's grapes look so life-like in her Harvest of Hope quilt.  She used an assortment of batiks and they looked real!

Karen is starting her Nostalgic Christmas quilt.  You know I love her plaid!  It is perfect.

I'll be posting the details soon for my free, online block of the month called Country Corners. The BOM will begin on June 10th.  The date coincides with the regular meeting of my Sew'n Wild Oaks group. This way, everyone can become a Sew'n Wild Oaks member and we'll all meet together on the 2nd Tuesday of the month.



  1. I'm sure Zinnie was smiling down at you and wagging her tail while you were busy at work, Lynn! We planted a new rose yesterday in memory of our Sophie and thought of Zinnie as we did.
    Your finishing gals are at it again! I want to channel them all - actually, I think I will! Can't wait to see your BOM!

  2. Yep! Still in love with Susans 3-D Naughts & Crosses! I look forward to the fall when I plan to begin work on Nostalgic Christmas...thanks to a certain Cuddly Quilter who shared panels from her stash! Isabelle's Pumpkin is as cute as she is! I can't see one of those pumpkins without returning to a very happy day!

  3. Oh yeah...almost forgot! Looking forward to becoming one of your finishers as we begin the new BOM adventure with the rest of the Wild Oaks Women!

  4. Wonderful projects abound! Oh, a BOM - so look forward to being a Wild Oaks Women!

  5. I always enjoy seeing what the girls are working on :-D I will be watching for your BOM !

  6. Great work by all the girls. Must be such a sociable day out.
    Take care.

  7. As usual, your girls worked diligently and I love seeing what they produced! Country Corners sounds very interesting!

  8. Beautiful projects. There are some super talented girls in your class. I'm excited to hear there is a BOM coming.

  9. All the work looks great, but of course I'm specially drawn to
    3D Noughts and Crosses (I wonder why?). I'm looking forward to becoming a Wilder Woman finisher too.

  10. Its so great to see everyone's projects and their versions of your designs. Very talented.