Monday, August 18, 2014

Patchwork Math Class is in Session

Hello Everyone,
Saturday, I had the privilege of teaching Patchwork Math to a wonderful group of quilters at Prairie Queens Quilt Shop in San Jose, CA.  This group was highly motivated!  Not much chatter, all work, work, work!  I could tell they came to learn some new techniques. 
The girls had some components made and up on the design walls before lunchtime.

I use a document camera, computer, projector, and screen when I teach.  When I arrive at a shop or guild with all of my equipment, I look like I'm moving in!

The girls all made the same components, yet look at all the different fabrics and arrangements.

I love it when I hear quilters say, "My square in a square has never been so accurate!"



By the end of the day, the blocks were growing into quilted beauty!  Again, they all made the same seven components.  What a wonderful variety.

The girls used the formulas in the book and  made half-square triangles, quarter-square triangles, square in a square, square in a triangle, flying geese, double flying geese and Y-squares.  They were busy!

Can you find all of the components in the blocks?  This is like playing Where's Waldo.

I was so proud of you girls!  You exceeded my expectations, and it was hard for me to keep up with you.  Thank you for such a wonderful day, and thank you Prairie Queens for letting us use your spacious classroom in your beautiful shop.   We had a wonderful day.



  1. You've opened up a whole new, wonderful world in quilting with your Patchwork Magic, Lynn! I'm surprised the gals didn't kidnap you for an entire week! I'm so glad you all had so much fun!

  2. What a wonderful class using your amazing PATCHWORK MATH BOOK !!!!!!

  3. What great work!! Way to go..... :D

  4. I've had your Patchwork Math book for several months now, and it has really come in handy with figuring out those pesky setting triangles! What a great resource.

    I'm also drooling over those Album Quilt fabrics from your last post ~

  5. Beautiful blocks from a talented group of ladies!

  6. Lynn, I like Candace's comments: tell your hubby that if you go missing after a class that you're in good hands! :-P I have to tell you that you have made me so excited with your method of making blocks!! I went home and played some more with my components after I showed my hubby what we had done. I've come up with another few settings that I love! Thank you so much!!! You are a GREAT teacher with a revolutionary idea, and this was the best investment into quilting that I've ever made!! Thanks for sharing your great ideas with us!! I'll try and send the link to my other blocks when I get them online. Have a great week!!!

  7. Looks like a great time, and a very productive day!

  8. Lynn, thank you for a wonderful class! I enjoyed very much. I finished the block and I love it. I hope I can take your class again. Michiko

  9. Love seeing all the beautiful block combinations and reading the wonderful comments from the ladies in your class. You rule!