Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Sew'n Wild Oaks Class is in Session

Hello Everyone,
There was a full house in the classroom yesterday at In Between Stitches for my Sew'n Wild Oaks class.  The girls have been very busy making Country Corners blocks.

Barbara stitched a lot of her little baskets together and made a beautiful table runner with them.  Barbara began making baskets for her For the Love of Baskets quilt.  After several session with "Jack the Ripper", Barbara decided to sew the baskets together and call it quits with the scrappy backgrounds.  She wasn't pleased with the direction the quilt was going. Barbara did the smart thing.  If you don't like the direction your quilt is taking.....then stop.  You will never be happy and it isn't fun to work on the project any longer.  Barbara now has a beautiful table runner.  She's happy, the baskets are happy, and she's free to work on a different project.

There was some beautiful applique taking shape in class for Fall and for Christmas.

There was also a lot of cutting taking place with Eilene and Laurie.

Karen shared a quilt she just finished make out of a jelly roll.  So pretty!

Three cheers for Isabelle's finished top section for Harvest of Hope. Literally, the class cheered for Isabelle.  Now she is ready to move on to another block for her quilt.

There is always so much inspiration in the room.  The girls applaud each other and I applaud them for accomplishing so much and having so much fun while they quilt.  They inspire me!



  1. Wow, what great finishes! Even if it's just a block, it's gotta feel great! Also, I have to steal the "Jack the Ripper" reference. We usually call it "reverse sewing," but your description has a little more zing. Thanks for sharing all of the BEAUTIFUL projects!

  2. The blocks are beautiful! Your table runner is gorgeous, Barbara! I love your color choices! Your quilt is stunning, Karen! The pastels are beautiful! Your top section of Harvest is wonderful, Isabelle! I missed you all yesterday!

  3. The girls are working on some beautiful quilts!
    So fun to see what everyone is working on :-D

  4. Gosh, it seems like yesterday that I was oohing and ahhing over everything. I'm so glad the class gals are back for another stunning show!

  5. Beautiful blocks and projects. Your gals are so gifted...must be the teacher!

  6. What can I say except that you have a very talented group of student.s there