Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Sew'n Wild Oaks Class is in Session

 Hello Everyone,

The classroom walls at In Between Stitches were decorated with County Corners blocks yesterday in all shapes, sizes and colors.  They were beautiful!

You can tell my girls have been busy in their sewing rooms.

My girls test out the directions that I am going to post for you next month.  I should hand out a prize for every boo-boo they find.  I'm thankful that eagle-eye Judy is in the class!

Here is another block from Winterset that Gail is making.  She starts out the day with the pieces on the block layout sheet.

Then voila, a beautiful, completed block.

Irene is making a pattern by Joe Wood.  She used her Patchwork Math book and calculated the size she needed to cut in order to make the flying geese four at a time.


Isabelle's little scarecrow is almost finished.

He looks so realistic right down to his boots.

Kathy is an amazing creator of gorgeous projects.  The detail in this is incredible.

Cindy's pumpkin is so pretty.  I love the fabrics she's using.  There is so much depth and detail in this block.

Karen is working on the centerpiece for Madrigal.  I love the check and the color combinations.

Yesterday was a full day of quilting for many of us.  We went directly from class, to dinner, to the Preview Party to see the upcoming classes being offered at In Between Stitches next semester.  I'll post pictures of the event tomorrow.

I left the house around 9am and arrived home at 9pm.  Mazey took good care of Mr. Joe all day.  She follows him around like a little puppy.  She is so helpful too.....NOT!



  1. Sounds like you had a perfect kind of day.

  2. Always so much fun to see what the girls are working on :-D

  3. I look forward to your class report every week, Lynn! I think I live vicariously through your gals!

  4. You know how much I enjoy seeing what your gals do! Love to see everyone's version and Gail's blocks continue to make me smile!

  5. The girls have been busy! So many great blocks and projects! I am sure Mazey was a very good girl!