Monday, September 8, 2014

Canine Chronicle

Hello Everyone,
Mazey turned 5 months old last time flies.  She is turning into a beautiful, furry kid.  She can also be a handful when she chooses!  She has found her voice.  She has always been so quiet until recently.  I swear if she could read, she could burp the alphabet !

There are lots of events on my calendar this month, next month and November.  For me, this is just the start of quilt season.

I'm going to be the featured artist in Georgetown, CA at the Needle Nellies quilt show on September 20th.   There is always so much to do before a show and my preparations begin in earnest this week.  My long arm is in the same space with my laser printer, so both machines will be working at top speed....that means me too!

Then on September 25th, I'm teaching Once Upon a Vine at Quilting in the Garden.  If you haven't been to Alden Lane Nursery for Quilting in the Garden, it's time to treat yourself to a wonderful event.  It is a visual feast for your eyes!  The display of quilts is phenomenal.

On September 30th at In Between Stitches, I'm teaching Nostalgic Christmas Pillows.  This is a fun class. I usually make several pillows and have them ready for holiday gifts.

So that is my September schedule along with watching the grand kids soccer games, cross-country track meets, and cheer leading Pop Warner football.  AND I have to squeeze in some quilting along the way.



  1. Mazey is sure growing up! What a beauty!
    Enjoy your September!!!!!

  2. Mazey is quite the young lady now. September sounds horrendous for you. Don't forget to take time out just for you.

  3. Mazey is growing so fast. It just seems like yesterday you brought her home

    Busy September for you !

  4. Mazey is just a lovely young lady! Don't you love it when they start to "talk" - our kitties could have a spelling bee with Mazey! Sounds like a very busy schedule - I agree with Sue - remember to take some Lynn time!

  5. Thanks for the Mazey update. She is definitely a cutie! Hope there is time in your schedule to stop and smell the roses. Sounds hectic. Looking forward to seeing you on THE QUILT SHOW also.

  6. Mazey and Maecee could carry on wonderful conversations...Maecee gets chatty at bedtime and I swear is trying to form words! Now regarding those beloved quilt shows...Stop it! You're making me "homesick"!