Saturday, September 20, 2014

The Art of Motion......Free Motion

Hello Everyone,
I'm slowly but surely making my way down the quilt.  I have at least two more full days of quilting before this one can come off the machine.  

The appliqué background fabric is called Aged Linen from Marcus Fabrics.  I have to be so careful and not make any mistakes since they will be so noticeable.  The setting triangles are also Aged Linen. 

Each row of the quilt is quilted differently.  It does help that I've quilted this pattern before....but it still takes me just as long.  I marked the pattern around the center applique with a Frixion pen.  As soon as I quilt it, I iron the markings away with my appliqué iron.


Yesterday I received an email from Lynn Tubbe, one of the Needle Nellies.  Thanks to all of you, over $400.00 was raised in quilt raffle tickets in 2 days!  All proceeds will go directly to the Volunteer Fire Department. Here's what Lynn had to say about the fire.
"Everyone's house and property is safe.  Two Nellies, who live many miles above Georgetown have been evacuated. They are being cautious with this fire.  But all our homes in and around Georgetown are fine.  (Now our LUNGS are another matter!) I don't know of any structures that have been lost in this huge amount of miles of forest destroyed.  A perfect example of how Cal Fire marshals men around structures and saves them, combined with the fact that the fire is in open forest land.  Which, in a way, makes it possible for the fire to travel so quickly  -- few roads to get men and machinery into the area full of steep canyons."
The winds are supposed to shift today, and the smoke will be drifting over the Central Valley and into the Bay Area.  If there is a silver lining to this fire event it is the sunsets. Last night on our walk with Mazey, we saw a gorgeous sunset.  

Today we get to watch the little kids in their normal, Saturday sporting events.  We will travel from field to field to see them all.  Saturdays are so much fun for us.....Mazey too!



  1. Great news from Georgetown - thanks for the update!
    You've also inspired me to clean my house!!

  2. It's looking fantastic, Lynn! I'm always amazed at how the quilting transforms the entire quilt! So glad to hear the Nellies did well on the raffle and that their homes are safe, too! Enjoy your day with the kiddos - you deserve it and I know you're their biggest cheerleader!

  3. Beautiful....beautiful....beautiful.......what more can I say.....
    I'm so glad everyone is safe in Georgetown......and $400.00 way to go ladies.....

  4. The quilting and quilt are just beautiful...can't wait to see it all done.

    Glad to hear no human or home loss in the fires.

  5. Your machine quilting is beautiful on this quilt, Lynn! So glad to hear the Needle Nellies are safe and did well with the raffle!

  6. Looks beautiful Lynn. I hope to see it for real sometime. Been quiet cos of internet problems.