Thursday, November 20, 2014

It All Started With a Flour Sifter

Hello Everyone,
I have a to-do list which keeps me on track, but there are some days when the list goes out the window.  I'm easily distracted, and when I think of something fun to do.....well, the to-do list goes out the window.  These little ornaments are fun to make!

I had just the right fabric to fussy cut a cute center.  Add two plaids and there you go.

I stitched them together like this.  Then I had to find something that was just the right ornament size....hhhmmm

Flour sifter to the rescue!  This flour sifter is ancient, (kinda like me)....but it still works, (kinda like me again!)

One ornament led to two....

Then add a couple of little bows for "cuteness".

Before I knew it, I had five adorable little ornaments.  I'll machine blanket stitch around them today and be well on my way to one vintage-looking little table runner.

Now, the question is......which DIL am I going to give this to?  I think this is just to old-fashioned for my modern DIL's.....I guess I'll just have to keep it!



  1. Love them....where did you get the fabric....are you going to do a pattern....this would make a great Christmas gift......

  2. You are so clever :-D Just love these ornaments and they look easy to make with scraps !

  3. Well you are just too clever - I must be ancient too as I have a flour sifter very similar.

  4. LOL I think you should keep them too. They look great.

  5. What a great idea...l'd keep them too.

  6. It is a fantastic idea. Looks so wonderful.

  7. Just goes to show how distraction is good for you (if you keep them) or for your DIL's or DD if you give them away. With a plain backing to write on, wouldn't they make great gift tags too?

  8. Such fun to be distracted! They are so cute!

  9. Could not be more adorable, Lynn! You may wind up making one for each after they see it!