Sunday, November 23, 2014

A Hexi Bouquet

Hello Everyone,
The hexi-bouquet and ribbons are ready for hand applique!

I really should have taken a picture of the blue flower in the bottom row to show you what it looked like after Mazey finished chewing all of the little paper pieces out of it!  Somehow this flower made it to the floor and little eagle-eye found it.  After some pressing and spray starch, good as new.

I knew I wanted something in the border, but nothing that would detract from the center section.  What are you thoughts about putting another bouquet in the bottom right corner?  Should I leave well enough alone, or add to it?  Or should the flowers be in every corner?  I need your input with this one please. But keep this in mind while pondering my mantra is, "An hour per flower."  Yes, it takes me a whole hour to make each individual hexi flower from beginning to end. That's seven hours per bouquet and that doesn't include stitching the bouquet together.  It's a great project to work on during a football game.....and it is football season.....I'm just saying.  Adding three extra bouquets will take me into and through the playoffs, maybe to the Super Bowl!

I see a ton of stitching in the ditch in my future around each of the sixty-three, 5-3/4" hexagon blocks.  I also see a ton of thread changes as I work my way across and down.  I'm going to cross-hatch the borders for a nice old fashioned look.  Chances are good this one won't make it to the HandiQuilter until after Christmas.  I know once I put it out on the machine, I won't be able to not quilt it.  But, if I do put it on the machine, and quilt a row a that might be a good plan to break up the monotony.

Happy Sunday.



  1. It's beautiful as it is, Lynn, but I also like your idea of putting another bouquet in the lower right corner to both offset the upper left corner and take up a little less time!

    1. ...a little less time than 3 more bouquets that is! :D

  2. It's gorgeous...If it was my quilt, I would leave it alone or put just one more bouquet in the diagonal corner...bottom right. Whatever you decide, this quilt is going to be an heirloom quilt for sure!

  3. I think another bouquet in the bottom right hand corner would balance the quilt very nicely :-D

  4. Yes....I agree it needs something to balance it out maybe not a whole bouquet, but it needs something....

  5. I agree with Sue. A smaller ribbon and maybe 3 flowers in the bottom right hand corner would be perfect. Make it slightly smaller though.

  6. I also like the idea of just three hexi flowers in the lower right hand corner - your fussy cutting & the gingham plaid centers on your flowers make them all shine!

  7. So glad you got some inspiration here, Lynn! You might want to call your Great Grammy quilt if it takes an hour to do one hexi flower, though ;>) I agree another small bouquet will finish it off nicely!

  8. HelloLynn,
    This just looks beautiful. I like frames this way.
    Thank you for showing.
    :o) Doris