Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Sew'n Wild Oaks Class is in Session

Hello Everyone,
My girls, the finishers did not disappoint again yesterday at my Sew'n Wild Oaks class at In Between Stitches.  Patty finished a Nostalgic Christmas Pillow.  This would look great at my house! Love the plaid and polka dots!

Barbara, finished a "batch" of Mittens with Moxie.

Once you get the patchwork fabric made, the mittens make up quite quickly.  I love the deep blue fabric.  Barbara is going to put gift cards in her mittens.  My mittens serve a dual purpose.  First I hang them on the tree, then I use them to hold the silverware on the holiday table.  Over the years, I've made about 100 of them!

Irene is making a gift for her daughter. A perfect little clutch bag.

The inside is all little compartments that can be filled with anything you want.  So cute!

Isabelle is making little packages for her Holiday Treats Table Runner.  One after another, the little packages went up on the design wall.

Evelynne is making her baby doll for Toyland Tree.

Just look at this precious face that she found to embroider. It couldn't be more perfect if she tried.  I LOVE IT! 

Barbara is going to town on her Country Corners blocks.  This trio would make a nice runner.

Barbara also made a tea cozy and placemat from some gorgeous Downton Abbey fabrics.  Barbara used my Patchwork Math book.....did the math, and figured out what size to make her components.

Susan, Barbara, Wendy and Doris all worked on their final block for Country Corners.  I'll be posting the directions for this block in December.  Luckily for me, the girls found a boo boo in my directions before I post them!  Wendy and Doris I owe you an apology for not taking pictures of your blocks!
Susan made a design modification from my boo boo, and added a cute little polka dot border!  Perfect.

Judy now has all of her blocks finished for Country Corners.  She is going to add posts, sashing, and a border to this beauty.

I stuck my ornaments on the design wall and they were a perfect match to her quilt!  Don't we have good taste in fabrics?

I told you my girls have been busy!  The walls in the classroom were gorgeous.  This group is so supportive of one another.  They offer up good suggestions, laugh a lot, sing, chat, hug, and whistle.  I enjoy my time with them immensely! 



  1. Oh my! What an inspirational post. Your Country Corners blocks are calling my name...may be my 'after Christmas' project since I seem to be booked in my sewing corner until the 25th! Judy's blocks and your ornaments sure do look great together!

  2. Such a variety of projects ... what fun!

  3. Beautiful blocks and mittens, girls! I missed you all yesterday!

  4. Sure sounds like fun: wish I were closer so I could join you all!!! :-) I've got to get going on my CC blocks!! Yours and the ladies blocks look so lovely! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Lynn!! Hugs, Helen