Monday, November 24, 2014

Quilted Goodness from Marcus Fabrics

Hello Everyone,
Christmas came early to Sew'n Wild Oaks yesterday.  A package of goodies arrived from Marcus Fabrics.  This collection is called Hannah's Heritage by Judie Rothermel. 

I sat at the kitchen table and looked at each and every piece of fabric, multiple times.  Ideas for quilts were swirling around in my head.  I tried not to drool, honestly I did!

The second grouping is called Molly B's Basics.  Molly B makes wonderful blenders which work in beautifully with so many Marcus lines.

I can't wait to dive into them!  Do you think Melissa at In Between Stitches would notice if I didn't show up for work today???  I could just hide myself in my sewing room all day and create something beautiful with my new stash. 

Last night instead of vision of sugarplums dancing in my head, I had visions of quilts dancing before my eyes.

I want to thank our wonderful neighbors John and Ruth for collecting the box from our front porch last week since we were at the cabin.  Ruth is a quilter too.  It's a good thing she didn't know what was inside.  Ruth is so creative, she may have whipped up an entirely new design to show me!

Thank you for your response about what to do with the Grammy Square quilt.  There was a resounding consensus to add a small cluster of flowers and ribbons in the bottom right hand corner.  Your voices were heard and I value your opinions.  I'll start working on another cluster flowers during the next football game.....which is tonight!



  1. I'm jealous. I love Judie's fabrics. Enjoyz!

  2. Do you think Melissa would notice if I went to work for you?

  3. More yummy fabric for you to play with ;-)

  4. Delicious looking fabrics - sometimes it's hard to cut into them when they look so pretty, huh?

  5. You're going to be busier than Santa elves, Lynn! What a wonderful, early Christmas must have been very good this year ;>)

  6. O.M.G. - I'd have stayed home from work :).

  7. Perhaps I should volunteer to work in your place? It would be a hardship (!!) but that's what friends are for.