Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Sweat Shop Central Branch Office

Hello Everyone,

Well, we are at it again.....sweat shop central has opened a branch office at the cabin.  My sister Gail met up with us yesterday with her sewing machine, rulers, iron and everything else she needs to help me make a new version of Heartfire.  I know this looks like a block from Grammy Square's, but this block is larger and there aren't any "Y" seams involved.

 Gail here...Yes, "The Sister Act" is at it again, AKA "Thelma and Louise" only we are not on a road trip this time, just at our "branch" office in the mountains.

We started with Hint of Print from Marcus fabrics.

We've combined the Spice Palette Cinnamon & Honey collection, also from Marcus Textiles, along with Hint of Print.  You know me, variety is the spice of life!

 Now you are probably wondering why we are on a mission to make a Heartfire.  Well, this quilt is going to be on display in the Marcus booth at Quilt Market in May!!!


Gail here again...Note all the many blocks below.  I have to admit I only can claim two of those.  Lynn got a head start on me.  Also I am switching from doing the Grammy Squares 6" block to the Heartfire 8" block so I really have to think about what I am doing, especially the cutting part.  I know I will have to pick up the pace today so my sister doesn't send me packing!

I have just been informed that porridge is on the menu for breakfast.  Oh, that's right, this is "sweat shop central".  It has been disguised in the name of Irish Oatmeal.  That should tide me over until reward time later.  As many of you regular followers of Lynn's blog know, my reward last time was a half a cookie.  Now I have my eye on a bag of apple cider donuts.  Do you think I will get more than just a half?

Follow along with the Sister Act this week to see just how much we get accomplished.  Only 27 more blocks to go, plus the connecting the "no sweat" sweat shop!

Gail & Lynn

P.S. I had a very nice surprise this morning when I opened The Daily Blog from The Quilt Show.  A slide show of my quilts is featured HERE


  1. Hey Gail, I think you need to demand a "pay rise". I'd say that each of those blocks is worth a doughnut, not half a doughnut for all of them. (and don't let Lynn try and con you into thinking that porridge is part of the pay rate either.

    Lynn, I've just been to watch your TQS slideshow. The quilts are just wonderful, and I think I even recognise one or two of the locations?

  2. wow, I like this color combination for the new Heartfire.

  3. I just bought some Spice Palette. It is gorgeous. Great pairing of fabrics. Thanks for a great idea!
    Enjoy your Sister Act.

  4. The new Heartfire is going to be fantastic...hang in there Gail...I'm trying to figure out what it would take to mail myself and my sewing supplies to the Sweat Shop Central Branch!!!

  5. I agree with Sue! You need a raise, Gail, and I don't mean donuts ;>) Gosh - this fabric line is calling my name! You've hit the big time now, Lynn! Having your quilt in the Marcus booth at market is going to open many doors. The Sister Act might be going on the road with Mr. Joe and Mazey in fact Mr. Joe could set up a little stand outside the door and sell his pasta, er, fabric strip racks.....time to come out of retirement ;>)

  6. Heartfire is going to be gorgeous !! Just love these fabrics !

  7. I love the fabric and it's fun to see the blocks with the same fussy-cut center. Can't wait to see this one finished so it can be part of the next inspiring slideshow. You have quite a beautiful & inspiring body of work, Lynn!
    And Gail - hold out for a great steak!!!!!

  8. You two are going to be busy again!!! Like Nancie Ann says, I'd love to mail myself over and help you all out: I take cookies for pay, or donuts: either one!! But a half is not enough for my sweet tooth!! "=P Can't wait to read what the other posts are going to be from the "Sister Act"! Have a good time sewing!!!! don't laugh too much!! Hugs, H

  9. Hello to the Sister Act! What fun you are having, as the fabrics you are using for your new Heartfire. It's going to be a stunner! And please, Lynn, feed Gail some yummies before she goes on strike!

  10. Loving the blocks and the fabrics, and I'm super excited that I will get to see this quilt in person at Market!! And please, please give Gail some sugar - maybe a 1/2 cookie or donut per block.