Friday, March 20, 2015

Sweat Shop Central is Closing Down.....for now

Hello Everyone,
You've all heard of Frick & Frack, the famous ice skaters.  You've heard of Click & Clack, the famous guys from Car Talk.  Now we bring you Rick & Rack, the not-so-famous quilters! (Both of us want to be Rick, so we are still deciding who is who.) Honestly, I wish you could be at our quilting table while we come up with this stuff.  It is a wonder we got anything done yesterday. 
Well, I know I was treading on thin ice when I served Gail a bowl of porridge the other morning.  I had to step up my game to pancakes with strawberries yesterday, in hopes of getting the maximum amount of productivity out of her.
Yes, one of my favorites and it was delicious!  It must have worked because we were on a mission yesterday to get all those blocks done and we did!  Of course, if the truth be known, I had a little help from Miss Mazey.  She hijacked my machine by plopping herself on my foot pedal and immediately sent my Bernina into overdrive.  Lynn knew it wasn't me at the "helm" since she's never heard me sew that fast before!

This was one of the highlights of her day.  Her Strip'n Sew went from this..... this.  She got a tattoo!  

Isn't she beautiful!  Now I have the "official" model.  I am still waiting for the stadium seating...maybe on my next visit to the sweat shop.

I did have one little "organizational" problem.  I had just said to Lynn not five minutes before that I hadn't had any rejects.  Guess I won't say that again!

This is what 39 Heartfire blocks look like when stacked together with their little connecting triangles.  By mid-afternoon they were all done!

Then we started sewing the rows together once we decided on a perfect arrangement.

There, all the blocks are now sewn it's time to sew the rows.  This is when we pooped out. 

Now this is my idea of "pourage"...
Thanks for all your wonderful comments on both the blog and e-mail over the last several days!  Lynn and I loved hearing from you!  My job may be in jeopardy because of all the willing volunteers out there, including Barbara G. who says; "have iron will travel".  I'll have to keep my Bernina humming, and without Mazey's help, to insure my job security!  Stay tuned as "Thelma and Louise" or "Rick and Rack" will be back when we hit the road in early April for a visit with the ladies at the Foothill Quilt Guild in Auburn, CA.  And now I have to pack up and hit the road because we are out of donuts!

Rick & Rack


  1. Congratulations! What great work and what a beautiful souvenir from your week!
    Thank you for sharing your adventure with us!!

  2. I have loved your journey with this quilt - and it is stunning. I'm not sure which setting i prefer now, but I do love this mix of fabrics.

  3. Love the the quilt.....

  4. The tat looks great as does the breakfast!
    Rack would depend upon who has w-racked her brain or body or sewing machine the most I would suppose...
    Mazey is in good company...Little naughty Shooter Doxie strolled across my peddle as I was in the middle of chain piecing yesterday! Yes...I admit it, I shrieked!

  5. Love what's going on. Beautiful quilt, enjoy and be happy!

  6. I'm so sad the party is over (and I totally missed yesterday's...I must have been racked-out - giggle)! You two have keep me laughing! With Mazey at the pedal I can see you two with wearing bandanas like Lucy and Ethel - and instead of stuffing chocolates in your mouth as fast as they come off the conveyor belt, you're pulling strips faster than you can off the Strip 'n Sew! The quilt is looking fantastic - I'm so smitten with that fabric!

  7. That looks fantastic, all that yummy cream - mmmm - oh, and the quilt blocks look good too!

  8. Safe drive home ladies, oops, I mean, Ric and Rack!! :-) Loved sharing in your sewing hilarity!! The quilt is looking great!! And Mazey was just wanting to be a part of the sewing fun! :-P Have a great weekend!! Hugs, H