Thursday, March 19, 2015

Sweat Shop Central Day Two

Hello Everyone,
Well, Gail survived day two in the "Sweat Shop" at Wilder's Last Resort.  Our attention was focused on making lighter blocks to add to the design wall.

Good Morning Everyone,
Yes, I did survive day two and you will be happy to know that my production stats were up!  I got six blocks done AND I did get a whole donut!  We started in at 5:00am today thanks to an early morning wake up call from little Miss Mazey.  Honestly, I was at my machine at 5:00.  Of course, I did take a few minutes out to play Words With Friends.  Do you think the boss noticed?  I'll have to keep my nose to the grindstone the rest of the day to make up!

No fancy studio for quilting here.  All you need is a dining room table and a bit of room to spread out.  A nice view of the forest is also a "perk".

Gail was the recipient of the first Strip'n Sew off the assembly line.  Her Strip'n Sew doesn't have the stadium seating for her strips.  I got the bright idea in the middle of the night that the Strip'n Sew needs to be at an angle for better viewing.  While she is here at the cabin, Mr. Joe might just modify her model.  It is just like fixing a chair leg, shave a little of here, and a little of there......and it's never right!

Yes, about my Strip'n Sew, Mr. Joe.  It would be very nice to have the stadium seating variety.  And while you're at it, how about a tattoo?  I know I did decline a tattoo the last time I was at the sweat shop but I have now reconsidered and would like one...on the Strip'n Sew, that is!

Here's a picture of our efforts by the end of the day.  Now we did take an afternoon break and took Mazey for a walk around the block.  It isn't all work, and Gail got her donut!  A whole donut, not just a half.

The Marcus Fabrics, Hint of Print and Spice Palette are just fabulous together!  We love them and we love working with them.

Yes, we did have a nice walk around the block and maybe we'll get to do that again today AND there are still donuts left in the bag!  Oh, and I hear rumors that there is barbecued tri-tip for dinner so maybe I'll stick around for another day.

I've received several personal emails from ladies that want to apply for a position in the Sweat Shop.  I think if I play my cards right, I could invite quilters to the cabin to sew for me, while I sit and design more quilts!  I could retire my Bernina and never stitch again.  What do you think?  Do you want to apply for the job?  I think it's a good plan.  For some reason, Gail thinks she's Little Orphan Annie and keeps humming The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow.  (Sorry Gail, child labor laws don't apply here at the cabin.)

Lynn only thinks she is hearing The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow over the roar of my speeding Bernina!  Actually I am humming Tennessee Ernie Ford's "Sixteen Tons and what do you get, another day older and deeper in sweat...".  On that note, it's back to the coal mine, I mean sweat shop.

Gail & Lynn

P.S. It's almost time for my bowl of porridge!


  1. Oh to be a fly on the wall at THIS sweatshop :)
    Gail - you got a whole donut and the tri-tip...well done!! (not necessarily the tri-tip).

  2. Now I have "Food Glorious Food" running through my head...Gail, can you make puppy eyes and ask for "More Sir?" The blocks are pretty standing alone, but boy oh boy, when they all come together on the design wall and you can really envision where it's going! It's wonderful!
    Now Lynn...we all know you'd never be able to just let your Bernina sit & collect dust, or sit and watch someone else do your piecing! You're not fooling anyone, and if you think you can, I think Ruggedly Handsome could build stadium seating in the cabin and sell tickets not just to watch but also start a pool so people can take guesses at how long you'll last!

  3. LOL all of the above! I nearly sprayed my coffee reading all your quips and comments! I would apply for the job myself, but I'd no doubt end up getting fired for spacing out, mesmerized by the gorgeous view outside the window. Besides I wouldn't get very far on half a donut.

  4. WOW!! LOVE this fabric and those blocks are STUNNING!!

  5. You both are just hilarious! You remind me of my sisters and I when we get together and It's a wonder you get any work done at all. Is Mr. Joe really going to make the stadium seating style Strip N' Sew? If so, I definitely want to get one. Please let us know. Love the colors you've used, they look great together. I only wish you lived closer so I could (and would) apply for the job, I'd bring you coffee, donuts and cookies all the time...yes, I'd bribe you! LOL

  6. You two should really compile these posts into a book for quilters!! It would really sell!! You two are a hoot!! And yes, I'll bet we'd all come and watch to see how long you could keep away from sewing Lynn!! I'll bet it wouldn't be too long!! Have fun today!! Hugs, H

  7. Love hearing from the two of you. What a blast you are having, and you still get so much accomplished! I was in Livermore today courtesy of The Quilt Show and they highlighted and showed pictures of the quilt show that you've blogged about that is held at a nursery there. Gorgeous! Perhaps this new quilt will hang there some time soon!

  8. OMG, love these fabrics! Gail and Lynn, you are both hilarious. I would give up donuts, etc to partake in the quilting at the it there! Enjoy your time...

  9. Well, if I applied, I'd never get anything done. I'd be too busy chattering, watching out for bears and eating doughnuts. What a wonderful job that'd be.

  10. You girls are definitely on a roll! Add me to the list, I would love to work with you girls in the sweat shop - if I could get out of my sweat shop! Love those fabrics, I was just on Marcus' website checking out the new stuff - so many beautiful fabrics!