Friday, July 17, 2015

Buddy's Design

Hello Everyone,
All this week we've been watching our grandson while his sister is at cheer leading practice every morning.  After he and Poppy watched the last episode of BattleBots, I asked him if he wanted to join me in my sewing room.  He was as content in my sewing room as I am!

I've been preparing for The Quilt and have many little components pre-made.  I asked him if he wanted to sort them into piles.....and he did.

Then I asked him if he wanted to make some blocks on the design wall.....and he did.

He started out small at first.

Then he pulled up a stool and got serious about his design.

The design grew......

......and grew some more.

Just like me, he would place a few components on the wall, then stand back and look at it. 

We had a wonderful morning together in my sewing room.  It was time well spent with my little Buddy.  He sat on the stool for a long time while I showed him how to do the math for the components.  He watched me turn squares and rectangles into triangles. He had his first geometry lesson with his Grammy. 

Moral of the story, working with quilting components is so easy and fun, a 7-year-old can do it!



  1. My grandson is a month old. Is it too early to start him on his way? Love seeing how well your grandson did. Talented and creative, just like his grandmother!

  2. He may not remember all of Battlebots, but he will remember that time spent cuddling & creating...and having such great grandparents.

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  4. Hey Buddy - nice work! You're taking after Grammy's creative side!

  5. He's showing great talent. Do I see another quilt designer in the family? Well done Buddy.

  6. Way to go Buddy ! You are a natural !