Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Lights...Camera.....Take 382

Hello Everyone,
Jumping catfish!!!  That's me with Alex Anderson in her beautiful quilting studio yesterday, taping segments for The Quilt

You can see my huge binder on the cutting island that contains all of my teaching material.  I made all new "step-outs" to show and talk about every step of the construction process for my quilting components.

My beautiful backdrop was created by my friend Barbara G.  She signed up for my Country Corners block of the month and completed her quilt.  Barbara selected her setting arrangement which nicely showed off her blocks.  This was a gorgeous backdrop for all of my segments  Thank you Barbara!

Some more quilted eye candy was provided by my friend Irene.  She made every block in my Patchwork Math book, which was no small undertaking, then she set the blocks between Courthouse Steps.
Even more eye candy was provided by my friend Suzanne.  Her quilt showed off the fact that the blocks can be re-sized down to 6-inch blocks.

Alex was very gracious and funny, and made me feel very comfortable while she filmed.  Mary, the very supportive editor, was also there.  They walked me through the some cases multiple times!!!  The Flying Geese segment was challenging.  I got to the point that I didn't care which way the geese were flying or if they were flying at all!!!  I only thought about banging my head on the cutting table a few times......but never actually did it.

If Mary put all of the out takes together, it would a hit on America's Funniest Home Videos.  There are probably more out takes than actual material. She has a very challenging job trying to cobble all of the scenes together.  I have complete faith in her and know she will do a fabulous job. Remember, what is on the cutting room floor, needs to stay there!

It's one thing to teach a class in front of students, and it's a whole different ball game teaching a class in front of a camera. The good news is there weren't any hecklers, and no tomatoes were thrown during the process.

The segments will start appearing on The Quilt at the end of the summer, or early Fall.  The best thing is they will be available for everyone to view.  You will not have to be a subscribing member of TQS.....but if would be nice if you decided to join, and have access to an enormous amount of quilting knowledge.

I am so thankful to Alex Anderson for inviting me back to TQS and giving me such a wonderful opportunity to talk and show Patchwork Math.  I want to thank Marcus Fabrics for supplying me with the Past Endearments fabrics which I used in all of my components.
In my wildest quilting dreams I never imagined reaching this level....for that I want to thank you, my blog followers, and everyone who has ever taken one of my classes, or purchased a pattern.  Your support, emails, friendships, and constant encouragement keeps me inspired along my quilting journey.




  1. I will look forward to viewing your segments on The Quilt Show. I'm sure they'll be great!

  2. Wow!! Congratulations!! You deserve all of this and MORE!!

  3. Congratulations, Lynn! I can't wait to see the segments, but shoot - are you sure we can't get a glimpse of some of the outtakes? Seriously, I'm happy everything went as planned and there were no hitches (thank goodness you didn't bang your head on the table or we'd be viewing you with a big bandaid on your forehead)! Suzanne, Irene and Barbara G. made amazing work of your designs and I'm happy you were able to feature their beautiful work!

  4. Wow, how exciting! Good of your friends to lend you their quilts. I especially like the Courthouse Steps setting.

  5. So glad to hear it went well yesterday, Lynn! I knew it would! Can't wait to see you again on TQS! Barbara G, Irene and Suzanne did beautiful work on their Country Corners to showcase your techniques! Great job to all of you and you, too, Lynn! Love the photo of you and Alex!

  6. What an amazing opportunity! The quilts that are showcased are gorgeous. Looking forward to seeing your segment.

  7. Yay!!! So happy for you!!! You deserve this wonderful opportunity, and your hard work made it happen!! BIG hugs, to you, my sweet friend!!! (And I loved your frank comments about the taping! You always have such a good sense of humor!!) :-) Hugs, H

  8. Congratulations indeed! Such exciting & creative times.
    Barbara, Irene and Suzanne did you proud and you gave them great and easy -to-follow tools to work with.
    I can't wait to see the segments when they are aired.

  9. I am so happy for you - congratulations!

  10. I am so happy for you! I can't wait to watch you in your teaching glory! Yay you!

  11. Good for you Lynn - it sounds like another fabulous success under your belt. You are amazing. And as for that binder, I stand in awe!

  12. Congratulations! About time you get the recognition you deserve.

  13. Congrats....I'm sure you were wonderful....can't wait to see the segments....

  14. You are just amazing!!! So happy for you!

  15. Congratulations Lynn! I am sure you will look and sound terrific on the show! What an exciting experience for you, I am sure they will keep inviting you back and you will become a pro! Awesome!!