Monday, July 27, 2015

Variations on a Block

 Hello Everyone,
I'm putting more blocks together which will be available on TQS beginning this Friday.  I'm trying to incorporate brand new blocks for you to make.  I was just playing around with components and came up with the first blocks.  I think I will try it in different colors which will really change it up.

This is more of a "standard" block.  Easy to make with the larger pieces.

Now it's time to make a predominantly blue block to add to the mix.

I'll be working at the shop today.  I haven't been there in two weeks!  I'm sure all of the fabrics that Melissa ordered are filling the shelves and displays with quilted goodness.  I'd better scoot and start getting ready for my day.  I love visiting with customers, and helping them select beautiful fabrics. 
The shop is participating in the Row by Row Experience.  It is so much fun to meet people who are coming in from all over the country.  It's amazing!


  1. Lovely blocks Lynn. I'm looking forward to seeing my famous friend on my telly again. xx

  2. Piękne, precyzyjne szycie. Pozdrawiam

  3. Always love to see your blocks...the color combinations always make me smile!

  4. Just watched your intro on T Q S and am looking forward to Friday when I will tune back in.