Monday, July 25, 2016

Christmas In July Time

Hello Everyone,
The Christmas stars are shining in my sewing room as I get ready to teach my Let's Make a Diehl class this weekend at In Between Stitches.

The class will be making this cute table topper from Kim Diehl's latest book.

The Simple Christmas Tidings book is a must have on your shelf.  It is full of wonderful projects to make for the Holidays.

This is a picture of Ma & Pa Kettle, no I mean Mr. Joe and me clowning around at our son's 40th birthday party at a ranch north of town. Mom and Dad embarrassed the kids again! We decided this picture is going to be our Christmas card this year.

The party would have been a surprise if Kade hadn't gone to the gym Saturday morning.  He ran into a friend that apologized for not being able to make it to the event.  Up until that time, he was clueless about anything planned for him.

There were many close calls when the beans could have been spilled.  On Friday, Kade left work early to head for home.  Little did he know the kids were shucking 48 ears of corn on the kitchen table.  Harleigh had a two minute warning text from Mom, and jumped into action.  The corn, silk, and shucking were scooped up and thrown into her closet!  As Kade walked in the door, Harleigh was mopping the floor like any good teenage daughter on her summer vacation!  Today she is probably cleaning her closet.

The slide show was a hit and we watched it in the barn.

Instead of pie in the face, he got chocolate cake in the face......and ear, compliments of his daughter.  Good times, good memories.  That's what life is all about.

Like most of my weeks, this one is super busy.  I'm working at the shop today, Sew'n Wild Oaks class on Tuesday, Heritage class at Cloth & Quilts on Thursday, then Let's Make a Diehl on Saturday.  Next week is my week totally free of any commitments!  It's my week to quilt, quilt and quilt some more.  The projects are stacking up like cordwood and need my complete attention for the next several weeks.



  1. Lovely...all the way around!! I'm glad it was only chocolate on Kade's face!!!

  2. There's that hot tub Mr. Squash wanted when he retired! Sounds like a wonderful party - another great Wilder family memory!

  3. Great picture for Xmas card! Great day with your family!