Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Good Things Happening

Hello Everyone,

All good things happening here under the oaks at Sew'n Wild Oaks.  My Heritage pattern is available along with a kit at Keepsake Quilting.  The catalog will be arriving to your mailbox next month.  Keepsake is taking pre-orders for the kits now. Click HERE to get more information.
Everything you see in the next series of pictures is sitting on the floor in my living room.  We arrived back home from the quilt show in Fremont, and the bins and tubs of product and quilts made it inside the house and that is where it all sits.

The booth looked inviting and charming.  It is always fun to put everything out on display.

I'm applying to have a booth at a prestigious 3-day show next year.  I have to submit pictures and a description of why my booth should be accepted and what makes the booth unique.  The pictures and written explanation are ranked by the guild members.  The highest ranked vendors are assigned the largest spots, then the smaller spaces are filled by the lower ranking vendors. Everyone has to go through the same process even if you were accepted in the past.

I'm a bit nervous to apply now because I was told at the conclusion of the show last weekend that most quilting is going modern and perhaps my style is too traditional and has a definite niche in that realm.  I've never been a vendor chair for a quilt show, but it is my assumption that you would want to have vendors from the full quilting spectrum......modern to traditional.  I'm still scratching my head over this and have had a bit of heartburn about the entire issue.  Not to worry, I'm sticking with my style, my inviting booth, and my marketing strategy.

The highlight of the weekend was having my granddaughter Harleigh work the booth with us.  She's a quick study and figured out the cash register much quicker than I ever will.  

Since this was a local show for me, only a few miles from my house, many of my quilting buddies stopped by to say hello.  Harleigh was amazed at how many people knew her from the blog and her adventures raising Kevin the pig.  She is now knows as "Kevin's Mom".

My youngest son turns 40 next week.  In our family that means you get a slide show set to music of your entire life.  All three of our kids have had a camera in their face since they were in the womb.  I'm sifting through thousands of pictures of Kade, and trying to condense his life down to 200 pictures.  I have been walking back through time and memories while pulling this together.  Kade is our middle child, our rebel, our "I'm going to test Mom & Dad to their limit" kid. Kade is the reason I went prematurely gray!!!   If someone had told me when he was 16 he would grow up to be an excellent husband and parent, coach to many, and all-round good citizen and person......I would not have thought it possible.  He is the most loving and kind person, and we love him more every day.  He would do anything for us and is always the first to offer help.

Here he is with his beautiful wife Athena, on their wedding day in Hawaii.

Of course these pictures are in the slide show too! 

Anything is fair game for Mom's slide show!


  1. Let's see...What makes your booth unique??? EVERYTHING!!!!!!
    Personal warmth & style, beautiful and welcoming patterns, patterns & techniques to make the most difficult become amazingly simple, variety of techniques (piecing, applique, embroidery), tradition, future family heirlooms, seasonal versatility, ...Need I go on???
    Well....maybe ALSO catching the eye of Marcus, RJR, Stitchin' Post, Keepsake Quilting just to name a few on a long list!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS Lynn !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keepsake Quilting having your Heritage Quilt available as a kit in their magazine is BIG!!!!! I applaud you for all of your hard work over the years you SO deserve this and I am Very Happy for you :-D

  3. I'm so happy to hear you're not going to change your style! I'm sure modern quilting has it's place, it's just not in my house! I love your quilts, Lynn!

  4. Paula said it all! If this show limits itself to just a certain style - they really are limiting quilters. Don't change sweetie - we like you for who you are.

  5. Paula is spot on! If I went to a prestigious quilt show I would expect to see it all! Those of us who are traditional quilters (and I know we are in the many), don't change overnight to modern quilters - if at all. I truly believe all shows as well as quilts shops must cater to the masses. Crossing my fingers "those who decide" remember that and put you up front where everyone will be wowed with your gorgeous displays! Happy Birthday to Kade! He is the nicest, most personable fellow!

  6. just keep your booth as is: it's wonderful!! And I like modern and bright colors too, but your style is a wonderful part of our quilting legacy too!! What show is that one that you have to apply to enter? I never heard of that!! Hugs, H

  7. Last week I told you that Keepsake Quilting was showing their good taste by adding Heritage to their catalog. I'm certain that the show committee will follow suit...how could they not? And who is this person who got you questioning yourself?!?! Id like to believe there is still room for all of us in this big world...especially those with style and class like you sweet girl.
    Give Kade a big birthday squeeze...he quickly earned a soft spot in my heart, rebel or not!

  8. I personally LOVE your style! Keep on doing what you do so well

  9. It's all been said by the others! Your style is YOU and you obviously don't need to even think of changing as companies such as Marcus, RJR, Stitchin Post and Keepsake all obviously value you for what you are. Happy birthday to Kade, I hope he enjoys his life in music and pictures.

  10. Yesterday I went to a local quilt show. There was only ONE quilt out of the entire show that was outstanding. It was the Best of Show and it was Bed of Roses by Sue Garmen and the only one that the Judges got right. The other quilts were lacking in everyway. The quilting world has gone nuts just like they did with Contempory quilts in early 2000. Traditional quilts are the most complex and beautiful. If we traditional quilters give up and go to all pre-cut everything along with the computerized longarm machines, the next generation will be missing the entire spectrum of quilting. But that is what happens when all "challenges" are removed from a hobby! I say to you Lynn, it is your traditional quilts that have drawn me to your patterns. Do not change a thing. In 2014 I ceased subscriptions to all US quilting magazines - no challenge for me there. I take Quiltmania and love the Australian quilt patterns. Sue Garmen is another Designer that offers challenging projects. Remember there are still a lot of traditional quilters who love to have a challenge and work hard at making beautiful masterpiece quilts. I am a dying breed of traditional applique - no glue, laser cut pieces, etc. I feel like the silent majority of quilting many days.