Friday, July 22, 2016

Red Rose & Vine Meets Madrigal

Hello Everyone,
You might be wondering why I posted a picture of the center of my Madrigal pattern. 
Well I'm going to tell you why right now!  A package arrived from Marcus Fabrics the other day and it contained this wonderful fabric collection called Red Rose & Vine by Paula Barnes. 

I think it would be perfect made into a Madrigal quilt.  Now I just need to add another ten hours to my day so I can work on this quilt!
I also see a Lucy Boston block in my future using these two prints.  Thank you so much Marcus Fabrics for sending me a box filled to the rim with quilty goodness.

For those of you wondering, I finished the slide show for our son's 40th birthday party.  I cry every time I watch it!  The Jim Croce song, Photographs and Memories, keeps replaying in my head.  I didn't use the song in the show, but I have been going through photographs which have been sparking, or igniting many memories over the past week or so.  I hope I can hold it together while we watch the show with the family.  I can turn into a blithering idiot in a blink of an eye when I think about my precious kids and grandkids.  For me, life is all about family.



  1. Awww...sending you a hug...where's my Jim Croce CD...?

  2. That fabric is really fabulous!! Great for both things you are thinking about using it for. And I hope it all goes well for you sons party: yes, family is really the best thing in life!! Hugs, H

  3. Such a stunning fabric collection - you will have tons of fun with that! And I'm with you on the blithering front - it seems the older I get the easier for me to become mopey at the drop of a hat. Oh well, it's a sign that you care, and a very nice one.

  4. Oh Lynn - you KNOW I am going to love this fabric. It is stunning. I can see several quilts in my mind using these fabrics. And yes - so many memories can bring tears to my eyes when I think about my family and my children. Have a beautiful party. You do such a great job creating memories of your own... hugs...

  5. Hey - does anyone happen to have any of The Red Rose and Vine fabric? I have a couple of FQ bundles but I'm needing border fabric. HELP!