Tuesday, October 25, 2016

All Good Things............

Hello Everyone,
To cap off Quilt Sue's visit to California was our trip to Yosemite last Friday.  You can see from the photos that it was a picture perfect day.

First stop was Inspiration Point. The breeze gave Gail, Sue and me a new hair design.

Second stop was our favorite picnic spot at the base of El Capitan along the Merced River.

The Fall colors and the blue sky combined for a beautiful day.

We love this picnic spot because there usually aren't many people here.  Even Yosemite isn't immune to our bark beetle plague, and we saw many dead trees on the valley floor.

This was the warning on our picnic table.  We covered it up with a quilt so Sue wouldn't be afraid and could eat her lunch without worrying about bears.

Our next stop was a walk across the valley floor to Yosemite Falls.  Luckily it rained the weekend before so there was a little bit of water in the falls.

As the light faded to late afternoon, we took this picture of Sue with Half Dome in the background.

There is beauty and grandeur in every direction.

One final picture of Sue and me with El Capitan in the background. 

Then a quiet drive back to the cabin while our thoughts reflected on our amazing trip to Yosemite and the time we spent together.

Yesterday was bittersweet.  It was time for Sue to head back across the pond to her home and family. Our entire family loves Sue.

It's lonely here at the kitchen table without you and your sense of humor.  Mazey is curled up at my feet wondering where you are and I keep hearing an occasional whine. Now that your visit has come to an end, she has one less person to scratch her behind her ears.  I miss you my friend.

The last toodle pip until your next visit.


  1. Thank you for sharing your time together with us all. An appropriate ending to a lovely visit. I think you and Gail need to take a hop across the pond next visit.

  2. This was beautifully illustrated and written Lynn. Sue is a wonderful and funny lady and I enjoyed her immensely. Looking forward to seeing her again.

  3. What a wonderful visit! Gorgeous photos and wonderful memories.

  4. How astonishingly beautiful the world can be, away from curbs and concrete. Thanks for sharing your special day.

  5. How astonishingly beautiful the world can be, away from curbs and concrete. Thanks for sharing your special day.

  6. What a wonderful place, such grandure all around. Beautiful photos, and hopefully the bears kept away from your picnic table!

  7. Yes, we had a wonderful visit with you, Sue! So glad you had the chance to meet so many of our quilting friends at the retreat and in Lynn's class! I feel like I have known you forever, a true sign of a lasting friendship! You are so much fun to be around and you know you will always be welcome to visit! I miss you!

  8. Another album of beautiful memories. Someday we'll make it to see El Capitan and the falls...sigh...for now, we get to savor these gorgeous photos! Thank You! Love...

  9. What a wonderful time you had! Great memories all around!

  10. How bittersweet, indeed! What a fun time and many more new memories made! Ahem....I'd like to point out the picnic table as opposed to the ground where we sat on the Merced! Perhaps HRH was getting royal treatment...giggle!