Friday, March 31, 2017

A Happy Accident or Not?

Hello Everyone,
In between getting everything ready for the show this weekend, I've been trying to spend some time in my sewing room making my addictive, Dresden blocks.
In class on Tuesday, I stole some of Paula's triangles from her Lil' Orphan Scrappy quilt, turned my blocks on point, and started playing on the design wall.  All of us looked at the result in amazement at this happy accident.  We liked it!

Over the last couple of days, between printing patterns and packaging them, and doing countless other things to get ready for the show, I came up with this idea.  I have to be different.  I have to add special details to make my quilts unique, and yes, it is time consuming.  Mr. Joe stopped by my sewing room to see what I was up to, and his personal opinion was not good on this arrangement.  He thought the Dresden plates got lost in the mix.  Most of the time he has good input, and I do listen to him.  (I may at times exercise selective listening!)

I had to leave my sewing room and pick up a print order across town.  While driving across town, I started to think about this idea.  If I made the center block lighter, then the Dresden plates wouldn't get lost.  I could then fill the lighter area with a machine quilted floral wreath.  Mr. Joe loved this layout better than the first one.

Now I'm at the point where I have to set this aside and finish the preparations for the show.  Maybe it's a good thing to step away from the design wall.  What are your thoughts?  Dark, light, or bag the entire idea?

We head off to Concord this afternoon to set up for the Guild of Quilters of Contra Costa County Quilt Show.  It's an unusual set up time from 3pm to 7pm sharp!  It takes me a good four hours of intensive work to get my booth pulled together.  My sister Gail is meeting us there with her vehicle already loaded with patterns, books, and props, Mr. Joe will be involved driving, hauling and arranging everything to make my booth perfect in every way.

Well, the clock is ticking and it's time for me to start my day and pull the last few items together on my show, and to-do list.  I would love to see some of you this weekend at the show.  I've heard that it's a good one with a high level of talented quilters.



  1. I like the scrappy darks! I think they bring out the dresdens! Sorry, Mr. Joe ....

  2. Yep, definitely the scrappy darks :-) I'm not sure about the added square in the middle.

  3. At least the labor pains in the birth of a quilt are pleasant!!! I like the square with the darks but it pulls my eye away from the Dresdens on the lights. Have fun at the show!!

  4. Love the dark version, the light ones cast too much attention on the inner squares drawing the eye away from the dresden plates.

  5. After seeing your new version, I'm back to liking the scrappy darks better. Pretty as the lighter version is, there's just a bit too much negative space - perhaps play a bit more with that center square? I'm sure you'll come up with the perfect setting! Have fun at the show this weekend - hi to Gail and Mr. Joe!

  6. I have to agree, I like the scrappy dark better than the light version. I don't particularly like the little light strips in the center. It pulls your eye straight to it.

  7. Hmmm... I like them both, but I think I am more partial to the scrappy look. Sorry, not much help, but I think either way it will be sensational.