Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Spoken For Class Was In Session

Hello Everyone,
I was at Cloth and Quilts in Turlock on Monday teaching Spoken For.

The girls created some beautiful, and sweet beginnings for their quilts.

The blocks look larger before they are sewn together.  They "shrink" down considerably once those 20 seams are finished.

They were all involved in fussy cutting the blade and fans.  The extra effort will pay off in the end.

Linda brought in her Brown Sugar Sampler designed by Brandywine Designs.  So pretty!

Jerrilee brought her Lucy Boston blocks to show me. She took the class last year from me.  She was very creative in the use and placement of her fabrics.

Linda took a workshop from David Taylor, and brought her bird quilt in to share with us.  I would say she received an "A" in this class!  Look at the detail that brings this bird to life.

I wanted to take a picture of Linda with her quilt so you could get a better idea of scale.  This is an amazing work of art.

As always, I love teaching in Turlock.  The classroom is spacious, there is a great selection of fabrics, and it's always fun for me to spend the day with the girls.

When I came home after class, I arrived to a very ill Mr. Joe.  The flu has completely knocked him off his feet, even though he faithfully got his flu shot last Fall.  Our house smells like Lysol as I'm trying not to get sick.  He seemed to have a more restful night......we'll see how he is this morning. I will play the roll of Nurse Ratchet today and try to get him to eat some of my homemade Minestrone soup which he requested. Neither one of us get sick very often.......but when we do, we get really sick.

It's going to be a quiet day of sewing for me.  Sounds heavenly!



  1. Hoping Mr. Joe gets over this asap and that you escape it! What beautiful work by the Turlock ladies.

  2. Thanks for sharing the beautiful eye candy. Hope Mr Joe feels better soon.

  3. So many pretty blocks! I'm getting very jazzed to make my own Spoken For. Tell Mr. Joe he'll get better in 10 days if he takes something, or he'll get better in 10 days if he doesn't take anything! Ask me how I know.